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All Flying Gifts

Elevate horizons for you or your loved ones with Wondergifts. Gift the soaring thrill of hot air balloon and helicopter flight experiences in the UAE, creating unforgettable moments through expertly curated adventures

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Flying Gifts Bookable Online

Flying Gifts Bookable Online

Soar to new heights with us.  Give the gift of adventure with our incredible flying experiences in the UAE. Unforgettable memories await – surprise your loved ones today!

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Find The Most Exhilarating Flying Gifts at Wondergifts

Give wings to your dreams and experience extraordinary, unforgettable Adventure Gifts with all-flying gifts. The heart-pounding aviation experience offers you unparalleled thrill and excitement that you will surely cherish throughout your life.

The all-flying gift vouchers from Wondergifts are carefully curated by our expert team, bringing you the best experience in aviation. You can immerse yourself in the world of flight and enjoy the beauty of Dubai from a bird’s eye view.

The all-flying experience vouchers include a helicopter tour and a Hot Air Balloon ride that lets you explore the awe-inspiring beauty of the desert land. The helicopter tour from The Palm Jumeirah takes you on a flight from The Atlantis to the Burj Khalifa skyline. You can enjoy the beauty of Palm Island, the breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab and other major landmarks of Dubai from up the sky. The extended tour takes you to the new lagoon project, with the world’s largest swimming pool.

The Helicopter ride in Abu Dhabi lets you marvel at the cityscape views. From the stunning corniche to the beautiful skyscrapers and the green beauty of the Emirate’s palace, the helicopter ride offers an unparalleled experience worth cherishing. Our helicopter rides are suitable for people of all age groups, thus providing a wonderful flying experience for the entire family.

To enjoy the enduring charm and beauty of the desert, a hot air balloon ride from Dubai is worth trying. Enjoy the vast desert scenery with golden sands amidst the whisper of the wind with the adventurous hot air balloon ride. 

Get our all-flying experience vouchers before it runs out of stock!


Wondergifts offers exciting flying experiences, including helicopter tours over iconic landmarks, seaplane adventures, and opportunities for skydiving over breathtaking landscapes.

Budget-friendly options include indoor skydiving experiences, scenic microlight flights, and exploring paragliding activities in certain locations, providing thrilling experiences without a significant cost.

Unique experiences include flying in a gyrocopter for panoramic views, taking a hot air balloon ride over the desert, and experiencing the thrill of indoor skydiving at state-of-the-art facilities.

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