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Why Partner with Us

At Wondergifts, we offer an exceptional platform for businesses to partner with us, and here's why it makes perfect sense:

Premium Online & Offline Marketing Exposure

Online: Your products will receive top-notch visibility not only on our website but also on prominent online marketplaces such as Amazon, Noon, and more. We utilise search engine marketing and engage with a wide audience on social media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Offline: Our reach extends to premium retail stores like Virgin and Bloomingdale's, ensuring your brand and experiences are showcased in prestigious locations.

We Are a Gifting Company, Not a Discount Company

Premium Experience Gifts: We focus on selling premium experience gifts that align with your pricing strategy. Our aim is to elevate the gifting experience, not just offer discounts.

Quality Customer Base: Our customers are not merely deal-seekers. They value quality and are willing to invest in memorable experiences.

Quality Customers Who Spend Extra

Exceptional Gifting: Our gift boxes provide recipients with premium gifts they receive for free. This unique approach often leads to customers bringing others to celebrate the moment with, resulting in incremental revenue for your business.

Increased Spending: On average, our customers spend approximately 50% of the box value on additional services or products during their visit to your venue.

No Risk, Only Rewards

Zero Risk: Partnering with Wondergifts involves no joining fees, no marketing fees, and no upfront costs. We shoulder all the risks, allowing you to benefit without any financial burden.

Commission-Based: Our revenue-sharing model is simple – we only take a commission on vouchers redeemed at your venue. You can trust us to deliver quality customers without any upfront expenses.

Join our esteemed list of partners and let Wondergifts help you reach new heights in your business.