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Best Things To Do on Valentine's Day

Best Things To Do on Valentine's Day

I'm sure you've had a lot of Valentine's with your partner during the last few years of your relationship. And, every year, you're always looking for ways to make it even better. 

That's because Valentine's Day is all about quality time with that one person in your life that makes the world make sense. 

So how about you take things up a notch than you've both ever experienced during Valentine's?

And you know the most interesting part? You don't have to think so hard about the best things you could do on Valentine's Day.

I've taken care of that with this post. So, all you need to do is pick one or two of the gift experiences I've shared here, and you'll both have the best time of your life.

Alright, let's look at what's on the plate for the best thing to do on Valentine's Day, shall we?

 Hot Air Balloon

A Hot Air Balloon Flight for Two

I'm almost certain you've never thought about this for Valentine's.

Now, do me a favor. 

Imagine you and your love bundle into a wicker basket as the balloon inflates overhead. 

The burner blasts hot air, and suddenly, you're rising, the ground receding below. As you climb through the crisp, clear air, the sun peeks over the vast desert. 

Rolling amber dunes stretch for miles in every direction, seemingly endless. You can't help but steal a kiss with the landscape so peaceful around you.

You both float effortlessly farther from the launch site, the views even more incredible. 

"I think I see a tiny oasis down there!" your partner might whisper, pointing to a spot of green. "And some camels!" 

The gangly animals meander across the scenic sands, maybe heading to a rare desert watering hole. You guys cannot help but take dozens of photos and selfies to remember this. 

Tell me, how often can you fly in the sky together, just you two in your own world?

Too soon, it's time to drift back down, holding hands as the balloon makes its landing. At the launch base, you'll receive commemorative flight certificates stating you're an official hot air balloon flyer.

I know that sounds funny, but it's so cool. 

Toast your feat with refreshments before your guide returns you home, hearts soaring with the joy of adventure.

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 Hot Air Balloon at Wonderdays

A Night Camping in the Desert

The UAE is all desert around us, but have you and your partner ever taken the time to bask in the beauty of the open desert?

This Valentine's is the perfect time for this. 

As dusk paints the dunes in rich amber hues, you'll both arrive for an overnight stay at a traditional Arabian camp. 

Inside carpeted khaima tents, colorful cushions, and blankets offer a cozy welcome. But the landscape beckons you both to explore first! 

Climb aboard a rumbling off-road vehicle and tear over the desert's sandy hills and valleys, the wind whipping through your hair. 

Stop atop a towering dune to sandboard down its steep face, racing and laughing together. 

 Best Things To Do on Valentine's Day

Yes, it's just like snowboarding, but it's so much warmer.

After sunset, follow the glow of lanterns to a circle of campfires surrounded by twinkling lights. Relax on cushions and silken pillows, snuggling close as a chef roasts kebabs and grills meats for a mouthwatering barbecue dinner. 

While you and your partner dine under the stars, a dancer in swirling skirts and tinkling bracelets entertains you with mesmerizing moves. 

Later that night, you can both learn to brew Arabic coffee and try smoking fruity shisha pipes. As the campfire crackles, your guide shares fascinating folktales about centuries of desert life. Shooting stars blaze overhead in the clear night sky. 

You guys will never forget this magic.

When it's time for bed, you and her tuck into your cozy tent, blankets keeping you both toasty as gentle breezes sway the fabric walls. 

Before dawn, you'll ride camels back through the silvery blue light of daybreak. Perched high on your saddles, you and your spouse watch the sunrise paint the rippling dunes in unearthly colors. 

After a hearty breakfast, you'll both board one last 4X4 across the sands towards Dubai, already longing for your next desert date.

Believe me, it's actually more romantic than I just described here. 

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Valentine's.

 A Sunset Horseback Adventure dubai

A Sunset Horseback Adventure

If you both adore horses and love spending time outdoors, this should be the best Valentine's you both have ever had together. 

Alright, let me briefly walk you through this adventure. 

You guys will meet your guides at a luxury desert ranch to partner with your assigned steeds. Bond with the gentle giants while you both adjust saddles and gear, then head off through the wilderness. 

Rising dunes will be visible surround you, painted in warm sunset hues. Trotting in tandem, you'll both crest sandy ridges with views stretching for miles. 

During occasional photo stops, mind your balance while snapping romantic pics together while your horses pose perfectly amid the scenic landscape.

The golden hour light soon fades to twilight, your trusty horses picking their way back by lantern light. After returning your gear, relax on an open-air veranda glowing with strings of firefly lights. 

Sip complimentary soft drinks as you scroll through your photos, selecting the best horseback shots. 

Soon, your shuttle arrives to whisk you back to the glittering Dubai city lights - but part of your heart remains back on the range, already planning your next equestrian escape.

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Valentine's.

 La Perle Show Canal Cruise Dinner -

One Night Romantic Hotel Stay & A Twinkling Burj Lake Evening Boat Tour

This excursion invites you and your loved one to see Dubai's dazzling modern architecture from a brand-new angle.

And you'll both will be doing all this in the inky waters of Burj Lake beneath a glittering curtain of stars. 

Glide past the cloud-piercing Burj Khalifa, shining brighter than any skyscraper has a right to glow. Lasers dance up the tower's façade during mesmerizing light shows. 

Watch her smile as you both drift across the lake's mirror-like surface, the city's neon-rimmed buildings doubled in reflection like a fairy tale scene in the movies. 

If your timing's right, you'll even witness the musical fountains launch into a choreographed dance, spraying rainbow arches through the spotlights.

Now, how's that for romance? 

As your tour concludes, stroll holding hands along the tree-lined promenade back to your five-star hotel. 

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Valentine's.

 Sunrise Safari Experience in the Desert at Wonderdays 

A Beachfront Hotel Valentine's Escape

Sea breezes, sunny skies, warm sand between your toes.

This luxurious beachfront resort stay promises all the essential ingredients for the perfect Valentine's Day with your partner.

You both get to spend lazy mornings snuggling in your canopy bed as gauzy curtains flutter in the ocean gusts. 

Then, hold hands while you meander down to the private beach for Bryan Adams love songs piping over the speakers and a fruity cocktail in hand. 

You guys could even claim a cabana with unbeatable views and drift into the lull of the rolling waves. 

Will you jet ski, parasail, or just soak up the vitamin sea? With endless amenities, the options are yours to choose from.

Of course, you might both soon find your steps wandering down to dinner at the Tiki-style restaurant.

Beautiful lanterns sway overhead as you savor grilled pineapple chicken by candlelight on the deck. 

Then, she stargazes on daybeds as gentle ocean zephyrs ruffle her hair and rustle the palms silhouetted by moonlight. 

Each picturesque moment spent wrapped in your lover's arms will spark nostalgia for endless beachfront Valentines to come.

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Valentine's.

 Plan an Unforgettable Romantic Valentine

Plan an Unforgettable Romantic Valentine 

Well, if you've stayed with me up to this very point. I'm sure you now know how to plan your Valentine. 

The thing is, Valentine's Day here in Dubai, with any of these gift experiences we've shared, promises to make that special day the best you've ever experienced together.

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