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Can you Drive a Ferrari in Ferrari World?

Can you Drive a Ferrari in Ferrari World?

With a name like Ferrari World, it's normal to wonder - can you really drive a Ferrari racecar there? 

Great question! 

This awesome theme park is a tribute to the iconic Italian sports car brand. 

While you won't take home your own pricy Ferrari, you can still experience the need for speed in cool ways.

I’ll quickly cover what Ferrari World is all about. Then we'll answer if driving a real Ferrari is possible. 

Finally, I'll point you to some memorable activities you can enjoy in this Abu Dhabi amusement park. 

 ferrari world

What is Ferrari World?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world's largest indoor theme park. It's also home to the world's fastest roller coaster. 

The park is like a giant, glowing red building celebrating the thrill and heritage of Ferrari's sleek racing machines.

Inside this air-conditioned themed park, you and the kids will discover various rides and attractions. 

Many are modeled after actual Ferrari F1 racing, their popular models of street cars, or aspects of how real Ferraris are engineered. 

Once you’re inside this themed park, you’ll agree with me that this is a high-octane playground for every age buzzing with racing spirit.

 ferrari world f1 simulator

Can You Drive a Ferrari in Ferrari World?

Now for the big question - is it possible to drive a real Ferrari sports car inside Ferrari world? 

Well you see, you can’t drive an actual Ferrari F1 or road car within Ferrari World. 

These multi-million dollar vehicles are not available to take for a spin. 

But here comes some good news.

The park does offer the next best thing through "driving experiences" using racing simulators.

You do know what racing stimulators are right? 

Well, if you don’t, these are advanced full-motion simulators that put you behind the wheel of a Ferrari on famous tracks like Monza. 

As the ultra-realistic screen responds to steering and gear shifts, you can hardly tell the difference between driving on this and an actual Ferrari.  

And to spice things up even more, these advanced simulators use real Ferrari parts too.

So while you won't drive a true Ferrari, simulators let you feel like a champion driver. And this is pretty awesome if you’re an aspiring F1 racer.

 Ferrari World go Kart

Fun Activities You Can Do in Ferrari World

There are a lot of fun activities you can do while you and your family are in Yas Island Ferrari World. I mean, the fun here is endless. 

 ferrari world formula rossa

Formula Rossa

I’m talking about the fastest rollercoaster on the planet here, guys. 

This rocket launch coaster blasts you from 0 to 149 mph in less than 5 seconds. 

Like, hello 4Gs of force as you take tight hairpin turns and zoom through tunnels. With no big climb first, you and the kids just instantly go all out max speed. 

I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it. 

And if you’re someone who enjoys driving and wants to feel that insane acceleration of an F1 car, this is your ride right here. 

 ferrari world flying aces

Flying Aces

These aces take flying up to new heights, literally. 

We're talking swooping up to 20 stories high, getting flipped around 15 upside-down loops at 63 mph. 

Not only is it one of the tallest and steepest coasters ever, but even parts of the track are see-through. Coaster nuts will freak out seeing their feet dangling that high. 

But it's also super smooth and ocean-themed for less intense riders. This record-breaking coaster packs views that are just plain nuts.

 ferrari world turbo track

Turbo Track 

Okay, kids listen up, this mini coaster is just for you.  

With fun sloping turns and quick little dips, Turbo Track was made for junior speed racers. 

Your kids will feel like grown-up pros zooming solo around this winding circuit filled with scenic raceway graphics. 

It even takes you through a tunnel with light-up Ferrari logos to get your engines revving. 

Whether you're just tall enough to ride solo or a parent-kid team, Turbo Track offers pint-sized fast and furious fun.

 ferrari world Karting Academy

Karting Academy

Every future pro needs go-kart training, right? 

Well, here's your chance to race like an F1 driver along this long twisting two-level track. 

Keep your head in tight turns to avoid spin-outs! 

With sleek Ferrari-style karts packed with horsepower, you'll seriously feel like a Scuderia racer chasing the checkered flag. 

Heck, kids might lap their parents and score the win! Get your need for speed fix at the Karting Academy.

 ferrari world Bennos Race

Benno's Great Race

If you need a relaxing break from heart-pounding coasters, Benno's 4D ride has you. 

First, you'll learn tons about Ferrari's history and milestones via cool effects like wind and water. Then hold on as your car barrels down the Italian roads and racetracks that made Ferrari a legend. 

With authentic Ferrari details everywhere, it's like touring through their incredible past first-hand. Educational AND fun? Benno has you covered.

 ferrari world experiences

So there you have it friends.

While you can't get behind the actual wheel of a Ferrari, you can still feel like a champion driver thanks to their insane racing simulators. 

And trust me, you won't even care once you're aboard rides like the world's fastest rollercoaster. I mean, going 149 mph in under 5 seconds?

Even the junior coasters and go-karts bring a lot of fun. 

So, whether you live for loops and launches or want tamer rides, Ferrari World offers miles of F1-inspired fun for everyone. 

All you have to do is click here to grab your Ferrari world ticket and have some fun with your family.  

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