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Experiences vs Gifts: Why Experiences Make the Best Presents

Experiences vs Gifts: Why Experiences Make the Best Presents

Before the year takes a bow every three hundred and sixty-five days we usually celebrate a lot of activities with our families and loved ones. 

But the one question I have for you today is, what do you usually gift them as presents?

If I take a good guess, I’d say you usually settle for presents, perhaps a new fancy wristwatch for him, a necklace for her, or sometimes a new PS4 for the kids. 

At one point in my life, I was guilty of this too for a really long time, but then I learned that experience always makes the best gifts. And, since then I have stuck with that path and it’s been really awesome. 

So, in the next one hundred and eighty seconds, I’d share a few things on why experiences often beat out traditional presents. 

By the end, you'll probably never want to just give a typical gift again, so stick with me and don’t go anywhere. 


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What Are Gift Experiences?

So, what exactly do I mean when I say experience gifts? 

Well, rather than giving a physical object that will likely get tucked away in a drawer, you're gifting memories. Yeah, I'm talking tickets to shows, restaurant vouchers, adventure tours, you name it. 

The gift is in the experience that you share together. 

  Type of Experiences You Can Gift

Now that you get the full picture of what gift experiences are all about, there are different types of these experience gifts. 


Birthday Gift Experiences

There's no better time than a birthday to arrange an exciting experience that the birthday girl or guy will talk about for years. 

If he or she is an adventure lover, you could book a skydiving thrill and enjoy the exhilaration of freefalling together. Or explore Dubai's desert dunes in a vintage Land Rover before camping under the stars. 

For foodies, a multi-course meal at a Michelin-star restaurant makes a decadent gift. 

You could also plan a short weekend getaway to create birthday memories that money can't buy.


Couples Massage

Wedding Gift Experiences

I always tell people that wedding gifts shouldn't be boring household items that get stuffed in a closet. 

Who said you can't surprise the newlyweds with an experience gift they can enjoy together? Gift them a relaxing couples massage or tickets to a show. 

You could even send them on an exciting weekend retreat as a mini honeymoon. A gift that brings them closer after the wedding craziness is something they’ll thank you for.


Mother's Day Gift Experiences

After everything mothers do for us, Mother's Day is the perfect chance to gift mom with an experience that pampers her. 

You can give her a day of indulgence with a spa package including a massage, facial, and more. She can release stress and feel rejuvenated. 

And if your mom needs a getaway, book her a hotel staycation with breakfast in bed. Or take her on a sightseeing tour to create special memories together. 

She'll appreciate quality time spent with you more than just a material present.


Father's Day Experiences

It can be tricky picking gifts for dads, so take the guesswork out of it with an exciting experience on Father's Day

Watersports or golf tickets could be an ideal gift for athletic dads. A fishing or speed boat tour is usually something a lot of our dads enjoy. 

Or for foodie fathers, a grilling class is sure to enhance their barbecue skills. Beer brewery tours or whiskey tastings also prove you know the way to his heart is through his stomach. 


Valentine or Lovers Days Experiences

Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to plan a romantic experience that brings you and your loved one closer. Surprise them with tickets to a concert, theater show, or stand-up comedy gig. 

Couples massages promote relaxation and bonding. Dance classes turn up the romance even for two left feet. 

You could also book a weekend stay at a cozy bed and breakfast - being away together sparks the romance. Whatever you choose, an experience gift beats the typical flowers or chocolate.

 Dubai Skyline

Eid al-Fitr Experiences

After observing the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr is a joyous celebration. Surprise your family and friends by gifting exciting experiences to create special memories together.

Getting some theme park tickets so you can all enjoy rollercoasters and rides would be a great idea. 

You could also gift your partner a chocolate-making workshop or pasta class, I’m sure you know how ladies enjoy doing stuff like this.


New Year's Experiences

On New Year's Eve, surprise your nearest and dearest with gifts that help create wonderful new memories. 

If you’re a couple, arrange a romantic getaway to reconnect amid fireworks and champagne. 

Or gift an Abu Dhabi dinner cruise, complete with live music and spectacular views. Whatever you choose, they'll start the New Year off right.


Reasons Why Experiences Make The Best Gift or Presents

Now that you know there are amazing experience gifts tailored to every occasion, let's talk a bit more about why they make more meaningful and memorable presents than material presents.


Experiences Bring People Together

Sharing an experience intrinsically bonds people and strengthens relationships in a way material possessions can't. Having fun together through exciting activities forges lasting memories you reminisce upon fondly.


Gift Experiences Offer an Endless Variety

With traditional gifts, options are limited to products in stores. But experiences like dining, travel, and entertainment offer endless possibilities. There are always new, innovative experiences to discover that align with someone's unique interests.


They Align with Passions

Since experiences cater to specific hobbies or interests, you can always find the perfect gift that excites and delights them. Concert tickets for music buffs, adrenaline rushes for thrill seekers - experiences show you understand what they love.


Experiences Last Beyond the Moment

While material goods may be quickly forgotten, memories from experiences are treasured forever. Years later, reminiscing about joyful times brings back those same happy feelings.


It Could Even Offer Some Health Benefits

Many experiences like couples massages, manicures and pedicures, nature retreats, and fitness classes promote health and well-being. What gift can top the gift of feeling great?


They Can't Become Clutter

You’ve got to understand everyone has enough stuff. Most presents often end up collecting dust as clutter. Intangible experiences clutter-proof your gift while still showing how much you care.


Experiences Are Shareable on Social Media

In this social media age, capturing Instagram-worthy moments is something we all love. Experiences naturally provide endless photo opps that can be shared online to relive again and again.


The Next Time You Gift, Make It an Experience!

Hopefully, you now see why experiences deliver joy that presents could never match. 

They strengthen bonds, customize to passions, and produce lifelong memories - the true hallmarks of a meaningful present. 

So all year round, give your loved ones what they'll treasure most - shared memories from unforgettable experiences. 

Trust me, once you see their eyes light up, you'll never want to just hand them a gift-wrapped item again.

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