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How Much is Skydiving in UAE?

How Much is Skydiving in UAE?

Now, let me ask you a quick question.

Have you ever wished you could fly? Of course, a lot of us did when we were still kids. 

And guess what? Skydiving here in the UAE gives you that feeling and even more than what you wished as a kid.

In this post, I'll talk about what it would cost you to skydive in the UAE. 

I'll also point you to some awesome skydiving experiences you should indulge yourself in, whether you're a local or an avid traveler visiting for the first time. 

 Skydiving in the Dubai Marina

What Does Skydiving Mean?

If you've heard about skydiving but really don't know what it is all about. 

It's quite simple, you see.

Skydiving involves leaping from an aircraft, freefalling through the air, and then slowing your descent back to earth using a parachute with the aid of a pro. 

You'll both rise to incredible heights inside a light airplane or helicopter before a tandem master secures you together.

After stepping out into thin air, an initial heart-racing freefall hits speeds over 120mph as the earth below swiftly grows closer. 

You don't have to worry about anything.

The pro you'll be attached to knows exactly when to deploy the canopy for a peaceful parachute ride, which should help you both land very safely.  

 Skydiving in Dubai

Why Skydive Here?

Skydiving in the UAE means jaw-dropping desert and coastal views unmatched worldwide. 

Where else can you plummet with Palm Jumeirah or the mighty Burj Khalifa zooming into sight below? 

Or would I say admire endless golden sand dunes and oasis cities crisscrossed by turquoise waters from unique aerial angles? 

Well, I'm sure you know the answer.

The region's stunning landscapes seen while hurtling from 12,000 feet are priceless.

The UAE's year-round sunny climate means ideal weather conditions for first-time flyers. 

And our experienced guides here at WonderDays provide top-notch safety procedures and equipment. 

Looking down on Earth from the heavens is an incredible bucket list thrill, and the Emirates serves it in style. 

 Skydiving in Dubai

Types of Skydiving in Dubai

When prepping for your first skydive, consider which method best fits your comfort level:

  • Tandem Jump
  • This is the right kind of skydive if you're a total beginner. 

    You're attached tightly to an experienced instructor who guides the entire leap from plane exit to landing.

  • Static Line Jump
  • It is a solo leap, but with your parachute automatically deployed by a static line attached to the plane for a quick freefall. 

    And you'll be trained beforehand.

  • Accelerated Freefall (AFF)
  • Well, here you'll be freefalling with two instructors who will monitor and provide verbal direction for experienced skydivers pursuing 50-second freefalls.

     Skydiving in Dubai

    How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

    This is the question you've been waiting for the answer. You see, skydiving prices mainly depend on the type of jump and if add-ons like photos or video are included:

    • Tandem jumps over Palm Jumeirah or the desert from AED 2,200
    • Static line desert jumps from AED 1,900
    • Indoor skydiving at iFly Dubai starts from AED 179

    Outdoor jumps include hotel transfers, but indoor skydiving is right in the city. 

    Fancy extras like helmet cams or premium photos/video packages can also enhance your experience for an additional fee. 

    While not the most budget sport, once-in-a-lifetime views make skydiving here worthwhile!


    Epic Emirates Skydiving Experiences

    Alright, are you ready to cross skydiving off your bucket list in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? 

    Here are three top experiences to make the leap with:

     Indoor Skydiving in Dubai

    Indoor Skydiving at iFly Dubai

    Have you seen videos of people skydiving and thought, whoa, that looks awesome but also a bit scary?

    Well, good news! 

    You can now try indoor skydiving at iFly right here in Dubai - it gives you the same soaring feeling but inside a building.

    You enter this clear glass chamber, and when the fans turn on, it lifts you into the air so you actually feel like you're free-falling, with instructors making sure you stay flying safely. 

    Whether you've always wanted to skydive or just think floating on a cushion of air sounds awesome, iFly is perfect for a first flight. 

    You'll totally feel like a superhero in there. No need to jump from a plane anymore to discover that sky-high joy. Indoor skydiving rules.

    Click here for an indoor skydiving experience at iFly Dubai. 

     Skydiving in Dubai

    Tandem Skydive at The Palm

    How does an iconic Dubai skydiving experience leaping over Palm Jumeirah with an insane view sound? 

    Amazing, right? Well, tandem skydiving is the easiest way to make it happen.

    You strap together securely with an experienced instructor who guides the entire amazing leap - from stepping out of the plane all the way to that smooth beach landing.

    Free falling over the Palm at speeds around 120 miles per hour is a total rush. You can pick out the Atlantis hotel and mega yachts docked at the Marina down below. 

    And your pro gets photos capturing your mid-air excitement with the scenic Palm coastline framed behind. 

    This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Dubai's top sights in such an incredible way.

    Click here if you’d love to skydive from Palm Jumeirah.

     Skydiving in Dubai

    Tandem Skydive Over Desert

    And just when you thought skydiving at The Palm was crazy, how about seeing Dubai's gigantic sand dunes and oases from thousands of feet above? 

    Yep, you might have heard of desert skydiving. This is it right here. 

    Again, you'll be buckled to a seasoned pro guiding the epic jump from plane exit to exhilarating free fall to gentle parachute glide. 

    But this time, the view below is miles and miles of rolling golden desert instead of the cityscape. It feels totally serene, hovering above the immense emptiness of the sands. 

    Then get ready for awesome pics back on the ground, recreating your fearless leap for the camera with the desert beyond. 

    A crazy, fun way to do a desert safari adventure! Skydiving in Dubai means Views with a capital V for sure.

    Click here if you’d love to skydive over the desert.

     Skydiving in Dubai

    The Sky's Within Reach

    What's holding you back from crossing off skydiving above the stunning scenery of the Emirates? 

    With countless heart-stopping moments and our expert ensuring safety, you're sure to join the thousands of first-time flyers addicted to the thrill. 

    Visiting this world-class hub means taking advantage of ideal weather and views found nowhere else. 

    So, check skydiving off your bucket list and step into the sky-blue skies with WonderDays!

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