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Vacations or Staycations? Why Staying Local Is the Smarter Choice

Vacations or Staycations? Why Staying Local Is the Smarter Choice

When it comes to going on a holiday should you leave the country or explore/relax somewhere else in your own country? It’s true both are great choices to rewind from our everyday burnout, but we vote for a staycation for so many obvious reasons.  

Staycations are an awesome alternative that lets you rewind and enjoy new adventures without ever leaving home. According to research, thoughtfully planned staycations can actually be even better than traditional vacations.

At Wonderdays, we believe staycations are the perfect gift for couples, families, and friends looking to relax and reconnect. Just think - with a staycation, you skip paying for airport tickets, the stressful lengthy flight, packing, and even feel more homely. 

Yet you still enjoy all the perks of a vacation, like exclusive hotel stays, incredible dining, and thrilling activities

In these next few minutes, we’ll explain why you should consider a staycation, helping you experience your location in a whole new way with unique tours and attractions you may have never tried before. 



A Clear Definition of Both

A vacation is an extended trip taken to relax and explore new places. It typically involves significant travel to a destination to immerse yourself in sights, cultures, cuisines, and experiences completely outside your daily life. The goal here is that you return home feeling refreshed and enriched by your discoveries.

On the other hand, a staycation is a mini-break spent close to home, letting you enjoy destination-style fun without extensive travel. Stay near your hometown and spend quality time with loved ones, trying new activities, enjoying indulgent pampering, or just relaxing away from daily responsibilities. 

With a staycation, you can experience the rejuvenation of a vacation without leaving your city or country.


The Trouble with Vacations

Vacations sound idyllic in theory. Take a week off work, pack your bags, and jet off to an exotic destination to relax and explore new places. But between busy schedules, budgets, and family obligations, vacations come with plenty of complications. 

Booking flights and hotels takes time and money. You need to arrange time off work and find someone to watch kids or pets. Once you arrive, there’s jet lag to contend with, unfamiliar environments, and language barriers. 

Vacations are an indulgence requiring substantial planning, effort, and expenses that can limit how often you can get away.


Staycations in UAE

The Joy of Staying Local

That’s where staycations come in – offering vacation-style fun without the headaches of actual travel. Staycations let you enjoy quality time with loved ones and a change of scenery without leaving the country. 

You skip the stress of airports and packing; throw a weekend bag in the car, go to a different city, and you’re on vacation! 

Staycations provide new environments and activities to break up your routine while letting you fully unplug from work with limited expenses or planning. Best of all, you can go on staycation more frequently to create unforgettable memories together.


Couples Staycation

For couples, staycations present the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bond away from daily distractions. Who wouldn’t love an indulgent spa day featuring soothing massages and relaxing soaks side-by-side? 

Check into a luxury hotel right in town and spend quality time over candlelit dinners, afternoon tea on the verandah, and languid mornings enjoying room service in plush robes. 

You could both go on romantic desert escapes with moonlit camel rides, cosy bonfires, and glamping under the stars. Or enjoy VIP cultural experiences like private museum tours and behind-the-scenes zoo visits. With our staycation gifts for couples like yourself, you can give your partner excitement and quality time with minimal effort.


Family StaycationsFamily Staycations

Having a wonderful staycation with your kids lets you enjoy destination-style adventures without toddler tantrums or I-spy marathons on long drives. You get to enjoy action-packed outings like dune bashing, jet skiing, indoor skydiving, and waterparks for thrilling family memories. 

As a family, you all could visit local amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and museums for kid-friendly cultural experiences closer to home. Or pick a family staycation gift featuring multi-generational fun – think gourmet cooking classes, painting workshops, escape rooms, and bowling. 

Treat kids to themed hotel stays with bunk beds, waterslides, and in-room movies, and let them revel in the novelty. With Wonderdays, creating unforgettable family moments is easy with family staycation gifts tailored for all ages.


Friends Getaway Staycations

Who says staycations are just for couples and families? Enjoy quality friend time on a local friends getaway, whether for a birthday, girls’ weekend, or annual retreat. Book a lavish villa with your besties and lounge by the private pool, sipping drinks under the sun. 

Pamper yourselves with massages, facials, and mani-pedis at a luxury urban spa. Embark on an adventurous, full day of dune bashing, camel rides, and sand surfing. Take a day trip to nearby Emirates for a change of scenery. 

Or spend a day rediscovering your hometown together from new perspectives. Staying local makes it simple to plan affordable, convenient friends getaways as often as you like. 



Explore Wonderful UAE Staycation Gifts

At Wonderdays, creating extraordinary staycation memories is easy. Browse our handpicked collection of the best staycations in UAE

You’ll find amazing one-night hotel stays in Dubai’s top resorts, unforgettable desert safari experiences, relaxing spa days, thrilling adventures, glamorous cruises, and so much more. 

Who needs the hassle of planning a distant vacation when you can gift an amazing staycation instead? Our customized staycation ideas fit every interest and budget, so you can easily create special memories without leaving the UAE.

Staycations let you focus on what really matters - quality time together, making joyful new memories. Avoid the vacation headaches of bookings and packing. 

With our fabulous collection of local experiences, you can plan personalized staycations that deepen your connection in just a weekend getaway or day of discovery. We can’t wait to help you create a remarkable staycation in the UAE. 


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