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What Gifts Do You Give for Ramadan?

What Gifts Do You Give for Ramadan?

You know, Ramadan is about way more than just fasting and delicious food. 

There's this deep sense of spiritual renewal and bringing loved ones closer during the month. But even though it's not about material gifts, you still wanna share the special moment with gifts, you know?

I mean, at the core, you want to say, "Hey, I truly cherish our bond and this sacred time." That's where finding a unique experience you can share together makes such a heartfelt gift.

Whether it taps into culture, thrill-seeking, or romance, being by their side for a wonderful adventure says it all.

See, a gift like that is going to stick with them for years because it's emotional, and it's memories you took time to create. And it fits the togetherness that Ramadan is all about. 

That's what we aim for - helping you pick those perfect gifts filling hearts, not just hands, this season.

 Speedboat Excursion to Discover Atlantis The Palm

Speedboat Excursion to Discover Atlantis The Palm

Have you two ever toured Dubai by a sleek boat before the bustling Marina or breezy Palm Jumeirah

Well, make this Ramadan the first time together.

Departing from Pier 7, you'll cruise through the remarkable Dubai Marina Canal to view magnificent modern architecture and luxury lifestyle locales. 

But that's just a warm-up before the main event - seeing the globally iconic Atlantis The Palm Hotel emerge into sight. 

You simply can't visit Dubai without witnessing this sight, let alone capture an Instagram-worthy couple of selfies against the Idyllic resort backdrop.

After soaking up views and snapping pics of Atlantis' grand scale and spectacle, it's time to fly back down the coast. Buckle up for a thrill, slicing through waves in the open sea at full, exhilarating speed. 

Sunglasses down, smiles up. 

However you cap off this 60 minutes speedboat excursion, it undoubtedly will be talked about as a Ramadan highlight in the years to follow.

 Dubai City Tour with Abra Ride at Wonderdays

Dubai City Tour with Abra Ride

Want to share Dubai's incredible journey from a distant desert outpost to a global phenomenon with your partner this Ramadan? 

Then, set aside a morning to uncover this cosmopolitan oasis' many hidden gems together. 

You'll both venture everywhere, from sandy beaches to labyrinthine alleys, modern high-rises to ancient mosques and even skim across Dubai Creek's waters by traditional abra taxi boat. 

Follow your informative guide, making photo stops at top landmarks like the iconic Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm resort.

But it's not all sightseeing - this city tour also includes cultural encounters to enrich perspectives. Let her marvel at Jumeirah Mosque's intricate Islamic architecture on a special tour, revealing stories behind ornate details. 

Or feel modern Dubai's pulse haggling alongside locals hunting for secret spice blends and gleaming gold jewelry as you wander atmospheric old souks. 

Whenever you both relive your favorite moments later, this tailored city overview delivers deeper insight into what shaped the UAE's celebrated desert metropolis.

You can click here if you’d love to gift this experience to that special person.

 Quad Biking Couples Adventure in Dubai

Quad Biking Couples Adventure

This is actually a perfect gift if you both love outdoor adventures but want quality bonding time this Ramadan - a quad biking date for two.  

I don't know about you, but zooming around sand dunes on a 4-wheeler and seeing gorgeous desert vistas sounds awesome. 

The best part? You guys need absolutely no experience! The guides take care of everything, so you both feel like pros.

Once you're all geared up safely, it's just pure freedom hitting the undulating trails. Cameras will capture the cutest pics of you two cruising the golden sands. 

And with the vast landscape totally to yourselves out there, you can take it all in without disruptions. Well, except for the laughs, do you want to make it last? 

No problem - you could both hang out afterward with tasty drinks and snacks. 

Click here if a quad bike adventure sounds like something you’d really love to try out this ramadan.

 One Night Hotel Stay in Abu Dhabi with Entrance tickets for Louvre

One Night Hotel Stay in Abu Dhabi with Entrance tickets for Louvre

Know someone who can't get enough arts and culture? This one's for them. 

Make this Ramadan special by whisking your little art explorer off to Abu Dhabi's showstopper cultural attraction - the one and only Louvre Museum

I'm talking about over 300 true masterpieces here, from artifacts to paintings and everything in between. 

Now imagine having an expert guide all this incredible art's backstories and hidden symbols as you go. Definitely takes seeing the exhibits to a whole new level.

When you both can finally peel yourselves away, there are still Abu Dhabi's top sights to take in right from your hotel. 

Picture morning coffee on the terrace overlooking gorgeous sea views - not too shabby.  

Later, cozy dinner somewhere trendy before a serene stroll along the Corniche at dusk. 

Could there be a better Ramadan gift? You can book an elegant one night stay in Abu Dhabi right here

 Ultimate Safari Experience and BBQ Dinner

Ultimate Safari Experience and BBQ Dinner

Want to really wow your favorite person this Ramadan? I'm talking next-level, crazy beautiful kind of wow. 

How does cruising far out into the magical Liwa desert at sunset in a 4x4, kicking up sand on mega dunes sound? 

I know, dune bashing just sounds awesome already, right?

But then imagine suddenly coming over a ridge to find a full Bedouin camp, oasis-style, unfurling under the stars. Camel rides, festive music, lavish pillow lounge vibes, talk about amazing things. 

And that's before the insane stargazing views and bonfire barbecue. Yeah, it's pretty much a dream come true for adventure, culture, and romance. You'll make such special memories toasting under the galaxies with sweet mint tea. 

Honestly, it's the perfect way to gift once-in-a-lifetime thrills this Ramadan. Trust me, jaws will drop. 

The question is, who will you surprise with a magical desert escape?

 The Best Gifts For Ramadan

The Best Gifts For Ramadan

So there you have it - a few ways to make gift-giving super meaningful this Ramadan through shared adventures. 

No matter their interests, quality time tapping into what connects us is what it's all about. 

And how cool to look back on years later, too?

The point is to be creative in showing someone they matter. Impress them by weaving spiritual traditions with modern amenities, ideally outdoors, soaking up the vibes. 

Most of all, spreading joy to celebrate our blessings, however, makes the ones we love smile brightest. Whatever you decide, I hope this gives some fun ideas to mix things up from the usual. 

Just keep it coming from the heart. 

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