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What Is the Difference Between Lovers Day and Valentine's Day?

What Is the Difference Between Lovers Day and Valentine's Day?

If you've been living here in the UAE your entire life, you already know we say Lover's Day instead of Valentine's Day in this corner of the world. 

But if you're new around the block, you're most likely wondering why we say Lover's Day and not Valentine's Day, right? 

Just relax. You're not the only one with this thought. 

So, stay with me as I unravel the story behind this popular date night.

And as a bonus, I'll drop some beautiful couples experiences you can gift your partner to make the day extra special, no matter what you call it.

Do I have your attention? Awesome!

 What Is the Difference Between Lovers Day and Valentine's Day?

What's the Difference Anyway?

The truth is, there really isn't any difference between Valentine's Day and Lover's Day. 

February 14th is recognized across the world as a romantic holiday celebrating love and affection between partners. 

The UAE simply refers to the occasion by a different name out of respect for cultural preferences in the region. 

It's the same great concept of showing your significant other how much they mean to you - just with a locally inspired title. Yeah, that's just it. 

 How Did Valentine's Day Start?

How Did Valentine's Day Start?

The origins of Valentine's Day can be traced back to ancient Rome in the 3rd century CE. 

The popular account points to an imprisoned Christian priest named Valentine, who continued performing banned marriages for young lovers in secret. 

According to legend, he wrote a farewell love note to his jailor's daughter, signed "Your Valentine," before his execution on February 14th.

In the 5th century, as Christianity spread, the Roman Catholic Church wanted to Christianize the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, which occurred in mid-February. 

They linked it to the legend of St. Valentine. 

By the 14th century, Valentine's greetings were popular, with the oldest known Valentine poem written in 1415. 

So, with time, exchanging cards, chocolates, flowers, and other gifts became a tradition. 

Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated across cultures as a time to express love for romantic partners, friends, and family.

 February 14th in Dubai

Why Celebrate with Your Special Someone?

I'm sure you now understand why we choose to call it Lovers Day here in the UAE.

And how Lovers Day came about in the first place. 

No matter what you call it, February 14th offers the perfect excuse to show your favorite person what they mean to you. 

It's easy to take each other for granted in day-to-day life. 

A day devoted to couples gives you permission to get sentimental. Rediscover your magic by planning creative dates or gifting once-in-a-lifetime shared experiences. 

You get the opportunity to reignite the spark by reciting romantic poetry over dinner cruise or penning old-fashioned love letters. 

Perhaps you could keep things light, teasing your partner with cheesy pickup lines and fun dares. 

Or you could take your love life experience to a new adventure with the things I will share with you next. 


Experiences You Could Have With Your Partner in Dubia on Lovers Day

 iFly Indoor Skydiving

One-Night Hotel Stay in Dubai With iFly Indoor Skydiving

You don't need wings when you've got the wind. 

Gift your partner the sheer exhilaration of indoor skydiving before an evening unwinding amid Dubai's dynamic cityscape

From stepping into your jumpsuits to the instructor's in-depth safety briefing, every phase pumps your mutual pulse.

Once inside the transparent glass chamber, hold hands and get light as feathers floating on a smooth column of air. Have fun taking turns showing off mid-air flips and freefalls. 

Smiles and giggles will come naturally in this gravity-defying playground. 

Afterward, stroll beachside sunsets hand-in-hand, reminiscing about soaring - and each other.

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Lovers Day.

 A Romantic Dinner on Dubai Canal

A Romantic Dinner on Dubai Canal

You could surprise her with an elegant 2-hour Dubai Canal dinner cruise for an iconic evening illuminated by city lights and her sparkling eyes. 

Sip fine beverages as you glide by Downtown Dubai's marvelous architecture from an intimate open-air deck dressed for romance.

Under the moonlight, toast to your story, relishing a premium international buffet. 

Take beautiful selfies together, smiling ear-to-ear at seeing top attractions like Atlantis The Palm up close. 

And when sensational water fountain shows erupt near Burj Khalifa, just hold each other closer. 

You guys don't need fireworks when you both have front-row waterside seats to the city's spectacle.

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Lovers Day. 

 Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Desert Dunes

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Desert Dunes

Who doesn't dream of escaping daily life by floating seamlessly above it all? 

Gift your love an out-of-this-world sunrise hot air balloon flight on Lover's Day. 

Cuddle close against the morning chill, then gasp together as your rainbow balloon fills and lifts off over rust-hued sandy peaks. 

With majestic desert vistas gracefully unfurling for miles in all directions, this special perspective from the heavens will feel like your own secret world.

After a silky landing, continue the enchantment with steaming cups of Bedouin mint tea and a hearty breakfast. 

You won't need any filters for these breathtaking snaps with dunes and your sweetheart.

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Lovers Day.

 A Luxury Couples Massage For Valentine's Day

A Luxury Couples Massage For Valentine's Day 

I'm sure you've never thought about an elegant spa massage as a gift for your man on Valentine's Day.

Ease stress and tension as skilled therapists knead away tight knots using personalized techniques. 

Whether you unwind in peaceful silence, hold hands, or engage in hushed conversation, catching up between gentle strokes, this is quality bonding time.

Let serene music, soft candlelight, and custom organic aromatherapy oils transport you to your happy place. 

A couples' massage makes all daily worries disappear, if only for an hour, by eliminating anything distracting your focus from one another. 

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Lovers Day.

 One Night Stay in a Deluxe Bedouin Desert Chalet Under the Stars

One Night Stay in a Deluxe Bedouin Desert Chalet Under the Stars

Plan a romantic overnight escape with Mother Nature this Lover's Day. 

Book a private luxe Bedouin-style chalet at a desert camp far from city noise and distractions. From stargazing in complete darkness to photographing dazzling pink sunrises, you'll bond over surreal natural beauty in seclusion.

Nights come alive around a crackling bonfire, enjoying traditional dancing and music. 

Your day unfolds on guided camel rides over undulating dunes - camera-ready! 

And sleeping cozily beneath tapestries as shooting stars streak the inky skies overhead? Now, that's pure magic. 

Click here if you’d like to have this experience on Lovers Day.

 couple in dubai

The Greatest Gift Is You

More than chocolates or roses, personalizing a unique experience with your co-pilot is the ultimate display of devotion. 

As WonderDays rolls out gorgeous ways to encounter thrills, culture, and romance, Lover's Day is something you should always look forward to.   

Just be sure to savor time focused fully on each other. 

That undivided attention is the real gift - no price tag required!

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