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Gift Ideas for Expats Living in the UAE
One-Hour Exhilarating Topgolf Dubai Gameplay Voucher for Up to Six
30-Minute Jet Car Ride: Fun Dubai Sightseeing for Two
Ziplining Experience in Dubai Marina for One
Enjoy 90-Min Dinner Cruise for 2, Dubai Marina – Live Music
One Hour Stand Up Paddle Boarding at The Palm Jumeirah
All-Inclusive Stay at Pullman Resort Al Marjan Island
Unforgettable Weekday Dinner Experience at Dinner In The Sky
1-Hour Royal Hammam for 1 person at Sofitel SPA Dubai Downtown
Rent a Porsche 911 Cabriolet for 1 Day
Pool and Beach Access with F&B Voucher for One at PLAYA, The Palm
Burj Khalifa Visit with a Rooftop Burj Club Meal for Two
Vibrant One Night Stay with Breakfast for a Family of Four at JA Beach Hotel
Atlantis The Royal Dinner with Soul Senses Spa & Wellness Massage for Two
Elevate Your Bond with a Couples' 1-Hour Massage at Sofitel Spa
Cherished Times: Mara Lounge Set Menu + Cinema for Two
Indulgent Sofitel Spa Experience: 60-Minute Massage with Facial
Ultimate Parasailing Adventure Tour for One
Aston Martin GT4 High-Speed Co-Pilot Experience
One Hour Single-Seat Kayak Adventure at Palm Jumeirah
Luxury Dinner Show with House Beverages for One at DREAM Dubai
Creekside All-Inclusive Saturday Brunch for Two at Hilton Skafos
Reel Cinemas Ticket with Meal For Two at Carluccio's
Classic Manicure and Pedicure at Cutting Edge

Gift Ideas for Expats Living in the UAE

Moving to a new country is always an adventure, but it also comes with challenges. You must leave behind familiar comforts and friends to restart your life in a foreign place. It can get lonely.

That's especially true in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the dazzling skyscrapers and blistering deserts make it seem worlds away from most expats' homes.

But you needn't feel isolated for long! Because the locals here are known for their famous Arabic hospitality.

And there are thoughtful ways to help you connect with the culture, community, and comfort.

In no time, you'll see the UAE has a home away from home.

With that said, this post explores the best gift experiences for expats in the UAE.


Expats In the UAE

5 Gift Experiences for Expats In the UAE

At Wondergifts, we make it easy for expats to access bespoke adventures anywhere in the UAE.

Our experiences give you a fresh perspective of our great country.

So, let's have a look at the best gift experiences you should indulge yourself in if you're an Expat living with us here in the UAE.


Arabian Nights Feast & Falconry

Cultural Immersion - Arabian Nights Feast & Falconry

Do you know a lot of expats who wish to experience authentic Emirati culture but don't really know how to go about it?

Well, an elegant Bedouin-style desert safari is just what you need. So, what's this experience like?

You'll recline on plush rugs and embroidered pillows inside airy goat-hair tents. As aromatic meat and sweets sizzle over an open fire, a captivating Tanoura dancer spins hypnotically to pulsing drums.

The starry night skies and good-natured hospitality make you feel wonderfully at home in this foreign land. Before leaving, a veteran falcon trainer demonstrates these majestic birds' nimble skills up close - capping a truly magical evening.

Click here if you'd like to get this experience. 


A Beautiful Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Beautiful Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do you have a girlfriend who is an expat living in the UAE? I don't think she had this kind of adventure in her home country.

Surprise her with a sunrise hot air balloon ride floating peacefully over Dubai's gleaming skyline. You'll both gaze down as the giant flaming orb crests dunes in a riot of purple, orange, and red.

Below, Dubai's architectural wonders shine like scattered jewels. The pilot details impressive facts about the incredible structures.

As the balloon gently twists and turns, she will feel breathtakingly present and blissfully insignificant under the vast painted skies.

After an eventful landing capped with champagne, lifelong friendships form to reminisce about this profound shared joy.

Click here if you'd love this hot air balloon ride. 


How About a Luxury Spa Retreat?

How About a Luxury Spa Retreat?

Are you an expat who has been in Dubai for a couple of months now? Somehow, you feel stressed or perhaps overwhelmed with everything going on at home and work.

Why don't you treat yourself to the ultimate gift of relaxation at a pampering spa here in the UAE?

Let the experts employ custom regimens of massages, body masks, and nourishing care to target unique needs, from muscle tension to gloomy moods.

The caring staff and tranquil ambiance wrap you in an affectionate embrace. When you leave, you'll feel refreshed and lively and have a good memory to tell your friends about.

Click here if you’d love a luxury spa experience. 


Family Bonding - Theme Park Adventure

Family Bonding - Theme Park Adventure

Did your family just move to the UAE? Then, it's a great idea to settle them in with a beautiful gift experience voucher.

What your family needs is a thrilling theme park adventure! Whether it's a day at Atlantis Water Park, exploring the wonders of the Dubai Aquarium, or experiencing the magic of the Dubai Miracle Garden, there's something for everyone.

With the pack stocked with snacks, fun activities, water slides, games, and comfy recliners, this is the perfect adventure for the entire family.

Kids safely explore candy-colored rides under staff supervision while parents relax poolside with books and cold drinks. Reunite for picnics, character meet-and-greets, and stage shows.

It's one of those days when your kids get to capture silly selfies posing with favorite movie heroes on the screen! You'd all create a treasured family memory while escaping the midday heat.

Click here if you'd love to have this experience. 


Kayaking Adventure in UAE

A Breathtaking Kayaking Adventure

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is an expat and always seems to be hungry for adventures?

Surprise him or her with a kayaking adventure. You both can experience the hidden mangrove trails and glittering lagoons surrounding the UAE's cities.

Gliding silently across mirrored waters under the watchful gaze of majestic birds in rainbow hues reflecting off shimmering skies. This is active meditation at its best!

Your guide will share intriguing ecology fun facts between friendly banter that inevitably sparks deeper conversations.

You'd both return energized, sun-kissed and trading phone numbers with new kindred spirit friends who met along the waters.

Click here if you’d love to have this kayak adventure. 


With these thoughtfully curated gift experiences from Wondergifts, you can easily transform UAE from a temporary stop into a true home away from home.

Besides these experiences, there are also other great adventures, such as:

You can also find special gifts for different occasions:

These carefully crafted local experiences create connections to community, relaxation, excitement, and enduring memories. So go out there and make the UAE your true home away from home!


Explore the gift experiences mentioned above and more here.

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