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Should you buy experience gift vouchers?

Should you buy experience gift vouchers?

This is quite an interesting question, which I know a lot of you have, especially if you’re someone who hasn’t tried a gift experience before.

Alright, between the both of us, the straight answer to this question is a solid yes. 

If you asked someone which they would pick, a romantic hot-air balloon ride over the desert with a dinner buffet or a nice gold necklace for her birthday—you'd be surprised at the answer you’d get. 

I could almost say for certain that they’d pick the first one. But the question is why? 

It’s the experience that comes with such a gift voucher. So, I’d like to talk about all of this in the next few minutes. 

So, stick around and I promise this content would be worth your while.  


What Makes Experiences Different

Alright, let’s be realistic for a moment with this question. What do you think makes experiences any different from usual presents or gifts?

 It’s very simple. With a gift experience, you get to try something new, learn new skills, and create beautiful memories that will make you smile every time you think about them.

You could picture it this way. Let’s say you got your daughter a nice new toy for her birthday. It looks really cool, she plays with it around the house and even shares it with her friends. 

But the thing about material presents and gifts is that after a while they start to wear out or just ordinary. Now, that’s because they outgrow things and toys or presents that can teach them anything new or take them on an exciting adventure. 

On the other hand, experiences are more like little seeds. You could her a gift an experience at a luxury spa or a desert safari.


Can Experience Voucher Change Live?

At first, she might feel a little nervous about the sand being so hot, and the camels looking so tall. But then, she gets to learn how to ride on a camel, and it feels like she has done it before in her dreams.  

That’s what you could call the magic of experiences. It easily turns her into a brave adventurer, even if it's just for a day.

Experiences can also be about learning something new and exciting. Maybe you've ever wondered how to make your own chocolate. Have you ever seen those delicious chocolates in the store, with all sorts of creamy fillings and crunchy nuts? 

With your experience voucher, you can take a chocolate-making workshop and learn from a real chocolatier! You get to melt real chocolate (carefully!), pour it into moulds, and decorate your creations with sprinkles and candies. 

When you finally take a bite of that delicious chocolate you made yourself, it tastes even better because you know all the hard work and fun that went into making it.  


Memories Are Treasures

You see, positive experiences are memories that stick with you no matter the years that pass by. It doesn’t really matter if it was a vacation with your family or you celebrated your child’s birthday.  

Thinking about these memories can bring back all the good feelings you had during the actual event.  Sometimes, when you're feeling a little bit sad or life seems a bit difficult,  memories of happy experiences can cheer you up.  

They remind you of joyful moments and give you hope for more good times to come. No matter how long ago an experience took place, the memories will always be yours to enjoy.  

Sharing experiences with others makes the memories even more special. You might remember a silly joke you shared with a friend, a challenging task you completed together, or a beautiful sunset you watched with someone you love. 

These shared memories strengthen your bond and remind you of the important people in your life.



Well, it’s been a short conversation and I hope you can see how an experience gift voucher can change life or a perspective. 

These experiences offer you the chance to learn something new, grow and create beautiful memories that no material gift can ever give you. 

It’s so great that they could open your eyes to new adventures, like a wildlife safari or skydiving for the first time. 

Besides that, you also get to meet people from all walks of life, like fellow adventurers on a camping trip or friendly locals when you’re on a Dubai city tour

So, If you have the opportunity to try something new, you should grab it with both hands. 

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