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The Best Restaurants You Really Should Visit In Dubai 2024

The Best Restaurants You Really Should Visit In Dubai 2024

Dubai is truly a foodie’s dream! This stunning city has it all – restaurants specializing in cuisine from around the world, chic restaurants with incredible views, and casual restaurants for relaxed dining.

With over 26,000 restaurants in the UAE, choosing a few favorites can be difficult.

So we need to roll up our sleeves and work hard (you’re welcome!). We ate at many of our partner restaurants and listened to customer reviews.

Finally, we narrowed the list down to seven restaurants that wowed us with delicious food, great service, and unforgettable experiences.


Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm's popularity skyrocketed on the Dubai culinary scene in 2008, quickly becoming associated with superior dining experiences.  It contains the most celebrated restaurants in the world, each with a rich history. 

For example, Nobu, which was founded by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in 1994, combines Japanese and Peruvian flavors seamlessly. This style was brought to the UAE by its association with Atlantis, a location that combines glamour and sophistication. 

Ossiano's breathtakingly underwater setting causes diners to be transported to a Wonderland of Aquatic Diner while they enjoy the exceptionally prepared seafood dishes. 

If you want the warmth of Italian hospitality, then you should visit Ronda Locatelli, which is led by the Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli. It has been a part of the hospitality of Dubai since 2008, specializing in the comforting preparation of pasta and pizzas.

From the sleek sophistication of Nobu to the dreamlike ambiance of Ossiano, as well as the inviting warmth of Ronda Locatelli, Atlantis the Palm offers a variety of dining environments. 

The same commitment to quality is shared by the culinary arts. Nobu is the location of the pristine sushi and their celebrated black cod with miso. Ossiano takes pride in presenting seafood in a beautiful manner and with a distinct flavor combination.  

Ronda Locatelli brings the spirit of Italy to your table with tried and true recipes. Throughout Atlantis the Palm, the service is designed to match the luxurious surroundings - you will feel like royalty once you pass through the entrance.

Click here if you’d like to visit Atlantis the Palm.


Atlantis the Royal

Atlantis the Royal

Dubai's ambition shines brightly at Atlantis the Royal, which opened in 2023 as the city's latest architectural marvel. The restaurants inside are just as impressive, featuring culinary giants from around the world. 

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is the celebrated chef's first time in Dubai, and he brings with him his eccentrically designed dishes based on historic recipes. Greek restaurant Estiatorio Milos has a long history of promoting Aegean-inspired seafood in a refined setting, a tradition that is still being repeated in their Dubai-based branch.

The atmosphere at Atlantis the Royal is undoubtedly cutting-edge and exclusive. Dinner at Heston Blumenthal's is primarily intended for a theatrical, complex air, which is perfectly paired with the chef's playful dietary style.

Estiatorio Milos, on the other hand, imbues the table with a Mediterranean style of relaxation. Predict the most refined food that concords with the high-end setting.

Heston Blumenthal's recipes are both intriguing and delightful because of their precise execution and historical relevance.

Click here if you’d like to visit Atlantis the Royal.


99 Sushi Bar

99 Sushi Bar

It's quite hard to pinpoint the exact date of the 99 Sushi Bar's opening in the city of Dubai. However, the restaurant's unwavering commitment to authentic Japanese food is a clear reflection of how respectful it is to the culinary heritage. 

The color scheme mixes well a modern and elegant with Japanese minimalistic approach. The neatly folded napkins, table settings and the kind of attention given to the food captured the essence of good taste.

Interpreting the true greatness of Japanese cuisine is 99 Sushi Bar's greatest calling. From ingredients to cooking techniques, it demonstrates the perfection of Japanese art. Sushi and sashimi are elaborately made, every item masterfully prepared and giving testimony to skill and freshness.

Besides the usual ones, the menu also has their take on surgical SS dishes that show their determination to expand their horizons. 99 Sushi Bar has staff that are experts in the field of Japanese cuisine, and who give attentive service conscientiously. 

They are always on hand with personalized recommendations in case there is an issue on the menu that you might have.

Click here if you’d like to visit 99 Sushi Bar.


SOON Izakaya

SOON Izakaya

SOON Izakaya, a fairly new addition to Dubai, may not have an ancient history of the establishment itself, but it speaks wonders through its modern izakaya experience.

Just come to SOON Izakaya, and cast away your worries, forget about it all, and come here to unwind and let your hair down. The scene is immediately welcoming with lighthearted activities, melodious music and cheerful conversation. 

Emphasis is on small servings of appetizers, which showcase the combination of spicy and other tastes and perfect drinks for spending time with friends.

Prepare for flavor combinations you usually will not encounter because the dishes will be new yet delicious and will thrill your palate, with a modern twist in Japanese pub classics. 

This is the place to stop by to have fun, eat something tasty, and let yourself feel a little bit wild.

Click here if you’d like to experience SOON Izakaya.


Girl & the Goose Restaurant

Girl & the Goose Restaurant

With Girl & the Goose, you should expect a whole new level of comfort food. 

I must warn you about the looks – it’s got a relaxed atmosphere, but don’t be fooled; the place serves only the finest ingredients and makes artful tweaks to your old-time favorites.

If I were to describe their gourmet burgers in one word, it would be legendary, and they also have some satisfying mac & cheese options. 

And please, just do not even start on their dessert menu because it's insanely tempting.

Click here if you’d like to experience Girl & the Goose restaurant.




For a pleasurable experience, Kashkan requests your company on a magical tour of the Persian culinary world. 

Here, much importance is given to the notion of bringing you back in time by means of traditional recipes that have been meticulously honed.

Bursting in your mouth, savory kebabs can be created by allowing the fragrant spices to penetrate their core, and where it takes to sit on the tongue without a morsel of resistance is like savoring the wonderful aroma of all that’s good in life.

Click here if you’d like an experience at Kashkan.


Blue Bar

Blue Bar

I sat at the blue bar, staring at my drink. It had been a long day and all I wanted was to drown my stress in whiskey. The bartender noticed my gloom and slid a glass of the golden liquid towards me. 

I gave him a weak smile of gratitude and raised the glass to my lips. As the warmth spread through me, I felt some semblance of peace wash over my soul.

Blue Bar is a place where sophistication meets amazing views. Its past may not be too ancient, but it has gained a reputation as an elegant spot for chilling out.

A terrace, which faces the majestic Burj Al Arab, is certainly a setting where you can lose yourself while soaking in one of the most scenic views that are characteristic of Dubai.

With such a great atmosphere, this is definitely a place to go if you like your cocktails mixed well and sipped in style against the backdrop of the city’s vibrant energy.

Enjoying life’s finer moments with an unforgettable backdrop, Blue Bar also delivers on scrumptious light bites when the drinks inspire hunger.

Click here if you’d like an experience at the Blue Bar.

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