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What Time of Year Is Best To Go to Dubai

What Time of Year Is Best To Go to Dubai

Are you visiting the UAE for the first time? 

Then you must, at one point or another, ask yourself this question: What time of the year should I make this trip?

Well, in the next minute, I'll answer this question so you know the best time to visit.

But hey, If this is your first time in Dubai, that means you're probably looking for ways or activities to make the best out of this desert getaway

So, as a little way of me saying a big welcome to the Emirates, I thought it would be lovely to give you some inspiration on experiences you should try out during your time here.

Sounds good? Alright, let's answer your question.

 What Time of Year Is Best To Go to Dubai at Wonderdays

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Dubai?  

With so many months flashing nice weather forecasts, narrowing down the best time of the year to visit can be somewhat tricky.

Ideally, you should aim for November through March. 

During this time, not a lot of tourists are visiting, so you'll be avoiding the crowd, and the temperature will be more pleasant.

I'm sure you want to avoid the heat so you can sightsee those world-famous attractions in comfort, from museums to theme parks and everything in between.

Whether you're a family of thrill-seekers or a couple wanting romantic desert vibes, winter unlocks the UAE's full magic.

Trust me, these cooler months are when you should visit.

 Activities You Really Have to Do In Dubai During Your Stay Here

Activities You Really Have to Do In Dubai During Your Stay Here 

Well, you know the best time to visit now. I promised to point you in the right direction regarding the activities you really have to do. I intend to keep that promise. 

So, here they are: 

 Full Day Dubai Tour with Lunch for Couples at Wonderdays

Full Day Dubai Tour with Lunch for Couples

From my experience, the best way to know a new place is through a detailed tour. 

And that's true.

A full-day sightseeing tour is a great way to experience Dubai. You get to take awesome pics of the Burj Al Arab's striking sail shape along the coast before visiting the splendid Jumeirah Mosque. 

You both would learn of our intricate Islamic architectural details on a guided walk through the grounds. 

Afterward, trace Dubai's journey to global icon touring the historic Bastakiya area – today an arts district dotted with restored wind tower homes. 

Flash forward a few centuries while driving along Sheikh Zayed Road, where glittering glass skyscrapers stretch overhead. Then, have some selfie time again at the soaring Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, following a delicious lunch. 

Just when you thought the tour was over, you also made stops at Dubai Marina's sleek towers and the Palm Jumeirah man-made islands. 

You could save the hashtagging #ThisIsDubai for your Instagram as you wrap a day seeing centuries collide!

 Secrets of Dubai's Past at Wonderdays

Discover Cool Secrets of Dubai's Past: A Fun Historic Trip!

You really don't have to keep history confined to textbooks when you could literally step right into Dubai's past yourself. 

This five-hour heritage tour lets you peel back the curtain on secret stories behind dusty souks and sandy coastlines. 

Roam the labyrinth of shaded walkways in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, hearing tales of Emirati life generations ago. 

What trinkets filled these exotic stalls 100 years back? You'll find out listening to lively recounts while bumping shoulders with locals at spice and gold bazaars today.

Later, zip through cobalt waves and glimpse old Dubai's origins from offshore aboard a modern spin on the traditional abra water taxi! Given the city started as a humble fishing village, sea breezes carry centuries of memories. 

Once back on shore, make waves speeding across the Arabian Gulf's shimmering surface on an exhilarating 90-minute sightseeing boat. 

Pass sprawling Palm Jumeirah, then point your camera towards Dubai's record-setting architecture as your captain injects narration with inside facts. 

Don't you think this is something you've really got to try out visiting the UAE for the first time? That's what I thought. 

 Royal Dinner Cruise Around Yas Island at Wonderdays

Royal Dinner Cruise Around Yas Island 

Have you ever tried a royal dinner cruise as a couple anywhere before?

You could have this experience for the first time right here in Dubai. Come on, you've got to make your first visit memorable together. 

Even if you can't explore all the experiences I've mentioned up to this point, you really have to add this one to your to-do list while you're here. 

Under flickering strings of twinkling lights, toast special moments overlooking the capital's celebrated Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque glowing onshore. 

Tuck into a lavish four-course meal beneath the stars on plush pillow seating as you sail calmly through protected mangrove-lined khors. 

Between savoring regional dishes like machboos or mixed grills, try smoking premium flavored shisha for full cultural immersion – secondhand smoke stays outside. 

As this splendid wooden dhow charts quiet natural reserves between Abu Dhabi's sleek skyline and Yas' F1 circuit, this cruise offers the ultimate date night dynamic!

 Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Drift Over the Desert: Hot Air Balloon Adventure

A moment ago, I mentioned a dinner cruise around Yas Island, which really got to your skin. Alright, how about you indulge in two exquisite experiences during your time here?

Imagine that after a lovely dinner cruise on an elegant boat, you both have a romantic hot-air balloon adventure drifting through the desert just before you bid farewell to Dubai.   

That got you smiling, right? 

Suspended in a hot air balloon's woven wicker basket, you'll gently ascend through breathless sights of the Arabian landscape stretching to the horizon in all directions. 

With 360 degrees of uninterrupted golden sand and looming red mountains, cameras will capture your awe. Listen for the hissing flames shooting skyward to fill the rainbow-striped balloon overhead. 

Between the captain's entertaining factoids and the falconer's airborne stunts down below, informative narration mingles with ancient Emirati pastimes on this flight. 

After a silky landing, celebrate your feat, continuing time-honored traditions around a toasty campfire with sweet mint tea.


The Experience is Year-Round

So, what do you think? 

It's been a fun read, and I'm sure you know the best time to visit and the activities you really want to do during your time here.

Yes, you could actually decide to book an elegant hotel and just stay there during your time here. But tell me, what's the fun or would I say experience in that. 


Hey, I get it that you could be visiting for work, but you and I know what happens when it's all work and no fun. 

And if you're visiting for the adventure, you've got no excuse not to make the best of your visit. 

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