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What To Experience In UAE?

What To Experience In UAE?

If you’re visiting the dazzling emirate, we’re sure you’ll want to make the most of your time exploring this vibrant crossroads of East and West.

Dubai dazzles with its modern glamour and energy, but look deeper, and you’ll uncover a rich cultural soul. Beyond the glitz, this desert metropolis offers authentic adventures and cultural treasures. 

Here are five incredible experiences and gifts for her to make the most of your Dubai trip.

Al Shindagha Museum at Wonderdays

Immerse Yourself in History at the Al Shindagha Museum

Believe us when we say there is nothing as rich as the origin of a place itself. Yes, before you go on some other dazzling adventure, which is so enormous, it’s great to bathe a bit in Dubai’s rich origins. 

So, why not spend some quality time at the Al Shindagha Museum

Nestled in the historic Al Shindagha neighborhood along Dubai Creek, this museum provides an immersive introduction to local Emirati heritage and culture.

As you enter, you’ll feel transported back in time. The museum campus is designed as a traditional neighborhood with 21 restored homes showcasing what life was like just a few generations ago. Inside each house, interactive exhibits reveal different aspects of Emirati culture using engaging technology.

Kids can dress up in traditional clothes, grind coffee like their grandparents did, or learn about pearl diving – once a main industry in Dubai. Adults will appreciate the insight into local traditions surrounding marriage, family life, food, and more.

You really don’t want to miss the centerpiece Al Maktoum home recreating the former residence of Dubai’s ruling family. Displays share the story of Sheikh Al Maktoum, who led Dubai through pivotal growth and secured its status as a major port.

Throughout your visit, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Dubai’s rapid transformation from a small fishing and pearl diving village to the global hub it is today. The museum makes the cross-cultural influences that shaped the UAE come alive.

Museum of the Future at Wonderdays

Visit the Museum of the Future

Are you fascinated with how far the world has come over the last few decades? Yes, I’m sure we all are. We’re literally now in the advent of AI and other stunning innovations. 

But what if we told you that you could have a glimpse into the future?  

At the Museum of the Future, step into an awe-inspiring world where art, culture, and technology converge to offer a sneak peek into Dubai’s vision for the future.

This architectural marvel features torus-shaped windows dotted with Arabic calligraphy. Inside, each gallery focuses on different aspects of future innovation across space travel, climate change, health, spirituality, and more.

Let your imagination wander through incredibly detailed depictions of Dubai in 2071 — glimpse future cities woven into the natural landscape with lush green spaces and sustainable architecture. See how artificial intelligence could enhance human life and connection.

Some of the most jaw-dropping exhibits bring these visions to life through vivid holograms, multi-sensory experiences, and interactive games. Test-drive flying cars, treat virtual patients or collaborate across the planet in real-time thanks to hologram technology.

To ignite your curiosity about the endless possibilities ahead, secure museum of the Future tickets from Wonderdays. This peek into the future is an absolute must-see during any Dubai trip.

Sunrise Safari Experience in the Desert at Wonderdays

Sunrise Safari Experience in the Desert: Dunes, Wildlife and Lakes

Tell me, who would love to experience the magic of desert landscapes just outside Dubai on an early morning safari? Two words: No One!  

Starting before dawn, you’ll journey into the serene Arabian sands to watch the sun crest over undulating dunes.

Bump through golden dunes as your skilled driver navigates exciting off-road routes. With the desert to yourself in the soft dawn light, you’ll feel far from the bustling city.

Keep an eye out for indigenous wildlife like the Arabian oryx, gazelles, and desert foxes. Your route takes you through a protected conservation area where endangered species have been reintroduced.

After a refreshing drive through the dunes, stop at Al Qudra Lakes for a stroll. These shimmering lakes situated in the desert create a tranquil oasis. Driving alongside the lakes, you’ll enjoy unique views of the Dubai skyline in the distance.

Throughout the morning, sip on Arabic coffee and refreshments as you soak up Dubai’s natural beauty. 

See the Emirates from Above on a Helicopter Flight

See the Emirates from Above on a Helicopter Flight

Well, if perhaps none of the things I’ve made up to this point didn’t catch your eye, how about getting a thrilling perspective on Dubai with a helicopter tour

With exhilarating take-off, you’ll soar into blue skies for breathtaking aerial views of the city’s marvels.

On this 25-minute whirlwind tour, you’ll see iconic landmarks from a dramatic new angle. Pass by Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm resort before flying over the Dubai coastline. Look down on the World Islands dotted like daisies in the sea.

Zooming inland, you’ll be mesmerized by the sheer size of Dubai Marina's glittering skyscrapers and the mighty Burj Khalifa piercing the clouds. Trace Dubai Creek to glimpse the city's birthplace with wind towers dotting the historic banks.

With your stomach dropping and cheeks flushed from the ride of a lifetime, you’ll gain a new appreciation for Dubai’s artificial wonders. This awesome flight experience is easy to book, simply click here if you’d love this as a gift for him.

Dubai City tour at Wonderdays

Take in Sweeping Dubai View with the Dubai City tour 

Well, the best way for so many avid tourists who visit Dubai for the first time is to see the top sights in one action-packed morning. And, we think the best way to go about this is with a luxurious Dubai city tour in a comfortable ride, don’t you agree? 

You and your friends, if you come with any, will drive by the striking architecture of Burj Al Arab Hotel before continuing to Palm Jumeirah. Gaze up at the towering Atlantis The Palm resort built on this artificial island.

Learn about Dubai’s accelerated development as you pass Za’abeel Palace, the residence of the ruling Al Maktoum family. Then, visit Jumeirah Mosque, stopping for photos of this Islamic landmark.

Next, you’ll arrive at Dubai Creek, the pulse of old Dubai. Hop aboard a traditional abra boat and drift along the saltwater creek. Watch the bustling souks lining the banks drift by as your captain explains their history.

From breezy waterfront rides to scenic coach viewing, this half-day tour packs a punch. With pickup and drop-off included, it’s an effortless way to see top Dubai attractions with context from knowledgeable guides.

Experiences in Dubai at Wonderdays

Endless Experiences in Dubai

With its winning blend of modern extravagance and traditional culture set against the starkly beautiful desert, Dubai offers endless one-of-a-kind activities. Use our Dubai bucket list to maximize your time exploring this dynamic emirate. 

With our exquisite range of Dubai attractions tickets and staycation ideas, you can easily gift incredible experiences to share with family, friends, or significant others. 

Let us help you create memories in Dubai that will stay with you long after your desert sunburn fades.

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