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What to Know Before You Go Skydiving?

What to Know Before You Go Skydiving?

Life is all about taking a leap of faith and sometimes, it's about taking that leap from 13,500 feet when your legs are swaying precariously over the edge of the aircraft. Nothing beats skydiving when it comes to an incredible sense of accomplishment and that insane adrenaline rush. There's probably nothing that will ever thrill you as much as the skydiving experience, and you'll most likely want to do it again immediately. That is why you must try skydiving in UAE at least once in your lifetime. In fact, if you are thinking of surprising your wife for your anniversary, it can be one of the perfect gifts for her.    

If you're planning to go skydiving, especially in the UAE, knowing what to expect and making the most of this thrilling adventure is essential. Skydiving in Dubai, UAE, is renowned for its innovative and extraordinary quest for perfection in aerial sports that has created two of the world's premiere skydiving spots, Palm Jumeirah Island and Desert Drop Zone.

When you are skydiving in the UAE, you will get to see breathtaking views and experience incredible moments that will create lifelong memories. But before you plan to go skydiving in the UAE, there are essential tips that you need to keep in mind. Let’s check them out.


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7 Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Go Skydiving in UAE

A trip to UAE, especially Dubai has a lot to offer with a plethora of activities, attractions, glamourous and exquisite nightlife, and some incredible outdoor adventures. If you're planning to head to the UAE, then skydiving is a must. To ensure you have the best experience of your life, make sure to follow the tips below.

1. Fulfil Necessary Requirements

First thing first, you must have a valid ID proof with photo, Emirates ID, passport, and driver's license. You must be at least 18 years old. Men need to be 100 kgs (220.5 lbs) or less with BMI < 30 while women must be 90 kgs (198 lbs) or less with BMI < 27.5 to be considered eligible for skydiving. The weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) with clothes and sports shoes must not exceed the maximum safety criteria.

2. Choose the Right Location

The UAE offers several skydiving locations that differ in the scenery they provide. If the skydiving experience is one of the gifts for him, consider the gift recipient's preferences and select a location that aligns with what they would love to see during their skydiving experience. Whether it's the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the stunning Dubai Marina, or the mesmerizing desert landscape, choose a location that will make the experience truly unforgettable.

3. Check Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a crucial role in any skydiving experience. Due to the climate in the UAE, it's essential to check the weather forecast before your scheduled jump. Sandstorms, strong winds, or extreme heat might affect the jump, so it's vital to be aware of any potential weather-related changes or rescheduling.

4. Understand the Experience Options

Skydiving experiences in the UAE offer various options for different preferences and experience levels. Ensure you understand the other packages available, including "Tandem Jumps" (where you will be assigned to an instructor), solo jumps, or even accelerated freefall courses for those seeking more involvement. Consider the certifications and qualifications required for each type of jump to ensure a seamless experience.

Downtown Dubai Skydiving

5. Follow Safety Instructions

Safety should always be a top priority during any skydiving experience. Ensure the recipient of your gift knows the safety instructions and guidelines provided by the instructors. Listening carefully, asking questions if needed, and following instructions are crucial to a safe and enjoyable jump.

6. Plan Transportation & Timing

Consider the logistics of reaching the skydiving location in the UAE. Ensure the transportation arrangements are made in advance, whether through your travel agent or independently. Additionally, plan for adequate time to complete the necessary paperwork, receive instructions, and prepare before the jump. Arriving early and allowing sufficient time will provide a smooth, stress-free skydiving experience. So, it's better to arrive at a staycation in UAE well in advance.

7. Capture the Moments

Skydiving in UAE is an incredible experience worth capturing. Ensure you have a camera or opt for a package including professional photography or videography services. You would like to have a visual memory of the experience to share with friends and family, allowing them to relive the excitement long after the jump.


Now you have ready to start your new adventure. But wait? You still have some questions left unanswered? Don’t worry. We have curated a list of frequently asked questions on skydiving in UAE.

What is the Cost of Skydiving in Dubai?

There are many companies that offer skydiving packages, and the prices may vary. For example, Wonderdays, one of Dubai's most prominent gift companies, offers tandem skydives over the stunning desert with videos & photos of approximately AED 2,199 – 1,599.

It's important to note that these prices are subject to change. It's recommended to check with the specific skydiving company for the most up-to-date pricing information and any additional charges.

Indoor Skydiving in Wonderdays

What is the Best Time for Skydiving in Dubai?

Dubai experiences sunshine throughout the year and very little rain. Therefore, the best time to skydive in Dubai is during the Winter season, from October to April, because summer gets really hot in the desert.

Starting in the morning allows for better lighting conditions and avoids the intense afternoon heat. So, the best time for skydiving in Dubai is typically in the morning. Skydiving sessions usually start around 8:00 AM and end around 3:00 PM.

Where Should I Stay in UAE During My Vacations?

While gearing up for your skydiving experience in the UAE, why not turn it into a memorable staycation? Dubai, known for its luxury and hospitality, offers a range of options for staycations in UAE. From lavish beachfront resorts to chic urban hotels, there perfect spots for every taste and budget.

Indulge in world-class amenities, explore the vibrant cityscape, and unwind in the comfort of your chosen accommodation – making the skydiving adventure a trip to remember.


In A Nutshell

Skydiving is undoubtedly the best gifts for him or gifts for her if they or an adventure fanatic who gets excited at the mere thought of any trip. When you skydive, you just experience flying like a free bird, and it feels like your heart skipped a beat! Remember to keep these tips in mind to get the most adventurous and fantastic skydiving experience in UAE.

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