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Where is the Best Place to Parasail in Abu Dhabi?

Where is the Best Place to Parasail in Abu Dhabi?

Do you know one thing a lot of us wished for back in our younger days? I’d say it’s effortlessly floating in the sky like a bird not worrying about a damn thing.  

You see my friend, that cool dream of yours could take flight with a parasailing adventure above Dubai's iconic sights. 

Think about it, who wouldn’t love to explore the city’s shoreline and architectural marvels from a whole new perspective? 

The answer is nobody. 

So, if you’ve been searching on Google where to parasail in Dubai and stormed upon this blog post good for you. 

But before we go into all of that we need to lay some foundations. 

 Parasailing in Dubai

What is Parasailing?

I know a lot of us already know what parasailing is, but it wouldn’t be ideal to leave the canvas blank if this is your first time trying to indulge in this. 

Simply put, parasailing involves strapping yourself into a parachute-like "sail" that gets towed into the air behind a speedboat

You start by securely harnessing on shore, then the boat accelerates forward until the force of drag whisks you up into the sky effortlessly like a kite.

You'll ascend hundreds of feet up as the boat navigates the coast, with panoramic scenery expanding around you in every direction. 

I know you’re thinking, don’t I need to have any skill or experience for this? 

Relax, the captain and parasail do all the work.

You get to relax taking in Dubai from above without any of the effort of actual skydiving

Yes, that’s the idea. You enjoying pretty cool views without the stress. 

 Parasial Solo or with a Partner

Parasial Solo or with a Partner

One major perk of parasailing is you choose how you want to fly. 

Would your perfect outing be peaceful solo airtime taking in sprawling views? Or do you want to share the awesome ascent with your favorite person, maybe your spouse or kid?

You see, both options are available to you. 

For solo travelers and thrill seekers, soaring alone is total serenity and freedom. But for duos, you'll take flight side-by-side linked to the same sail and boat. 

You’ll both be holding hands thousands of feet above sea level. 

My advice? I’d say you do a relaxing solo trip first to understand the whole thing first, especially if it’s your first time. 

Then on your next experience, you could tag along with your loved one to show him or her your epic aerial skills and adventures.

 Dress Code and Tips for Parasailing in Dubai

Dress Code and Tips for Parasailing in Dubai

Of course, you'll have questions about safety. The good news? 

Parasailing is highly secure when done with safety in mind. You'll receive a thorough briefing and wear a regulated flotation device. 

The captain is licensed and controls the speedboat route and your soaring height. Many parasailing experiences offer handy recordings of your time in the air too. 

The requirements are pretty reasonable as well. 

Age minimums start around 6 years old accompanied by an adult. For weight, you’d have to be at least around 90 pounds. 

Since you'll be dangling above water, wearing swim-friendly attire is smart, right? It may get a bit breezy and cold up there, so I recommend bringing a light jacket too. 

Make sure to secure or tie back long hair and avoid wearing dresses or baggy clothes that could billow up.

Beyond dressing comfortably, here are some other tips you should follow. 

  • Arrive early and follow all instructions to a tee
  • Apply sunscreen and hydrate
  • Consider seasickness meds if prone to motion
  • Use straps on cameras and phones
  • Try aerial yoga poses for fun Insta shots
  • Relax and absorb every incredible second aloft

 Dress Code and Tips for Parasailing in Dubai

Ultimate Parasailing Adventure Tour for One

Want to feel total freedom soaring solo above Dubai's famous shoreline? This thrilling parasailing adventure is calling your name.

I'm talking just you and the open sky. Get ready for an awesome rush when their speedboat accelerates forward and gently lifts you airborne.

Suddenly you're hundreds of feet up gazing downward as the glittering city panorama spreads wider. I'd describe it as becoming a human kite, except way more fun.

Up here, you can relax and take in the iconic Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah sights from a view even seagulls wish for. 

As the boat navigates the coastline, you'll get an entirely fresh perspective on Dubai's grandeur and natural beauty. 

With the wind breezing through your hair, you'll feel so blissfully free and exhilarated. 

Click here if you’d love to explore this parasail experience here in Dubai. 

 60 Minute Parasailing Adventure for Two

60 Minute Parasailing Adventure for Two

Now, if you’d love to share the thrill of parasailing with your partner or a friend, you should grab this amazing 60-minute package for two

You'll gear up side-by-side before the boat accelerates forward, gently lifting you both into the cloudless sky together. 

How romantic is that?

With your hands intertwined hundreds of feet up, you'll bond over breathtaking aerial views of Dubai's famous coastline with the wind breezing through your hair. 

From up here, the city looks so beautiful while you two have front-row seats to the panorama. 

When you tell everyone how peaceful it felt soaring through the air and capping it off with sky-high photos, they'll like to have this experience themselves.  

This is one adventure you'll talk about forever.

Click here if you’d love to enjoy this parasail experience with your partner. 

 The Sky Awaits

The Sky Awaits

What are you waiting for? 

Whether harnessing up solo or with a partner, parasailing over Dubai's coastal icons and oceanside panoramas is sure to be a highlight you'll recall forever after. 

And those Instagram shots dangling hundreds of feet above the teal waves and white sand? 

That’s pure magic. 

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