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Prepare for an unforgettable gifting experience with Wondergifts! As the top experienced gifting company in the GCC, we introduce our Gift Boxes line, which communicates volumes without the need for costly wrapping. Our innovative method eliminates the need for traditional packaging, allowing the essence of each experience to shine through naturally.

Wondergifts offers a wide variety of gift boxes, each thoughtfully designed to deliver unforgettable experiences for your loved ones. Choose from our comprehensive range, which includes hundreds of experiences tailored to different interests and preferences. From thrilling trips to peaceful retreats, our Gift Boxes guarantee to capture, amaze, and create lasting memories.

In a departure from usual gift-giving, Wondergifts values the simplicity of an unadorned gift box. This modern and minimalist approach keeps the spotlight on the remarkable experiences within, offering a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable way to commemorate important occasions, express thanks, or simply show you care.

Discover the thrill of giving with Wonderday's Gift Boxes, which are intentionally free of wrapping, allowing the actual spirit of the experience to shine. Improve your presenting game and discover a universe of possibilities in which the gift is a journey ready to be unwrapped. At Wondergifts, we revolutionise the art of gifting by allowing the experiences to speak for themselves.


Staycations are holidays that an individual embarks on that are within the confines of their own house or within the country they reside in. Staycations are a popular choice for residents whom want a relaxing short break with little to no hassle.

The best staycation locations in UAE include Dubai, Yas Island and Ras Al-Khaimah! With stark contrasts, Dubai gives tourists exposure to dazzling lights and splendour whereas Ras Al-Khaimah is the best relaxation spot in the UAE.

It's simply, holidayers either indulge in the splendour of relaxation and kick-back for a short break away from the trouble of the world, or the delve into adrenaline and excitement wherein they enjoy fast-paced activities such as Skydiving and Supercar Driving!

Staycation in UAE at Wondergifts

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