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Do You Give Gifts for Eid?

Do You Give Gifts for Eid?

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the most holy month of Ramadan. 

It is a joyous time when we all Muslims come together in celebration, gather for festive meals, exchange greetings, and give gifts.  

So it’s really not out of context if you’re wondering, do people typically give gifts during Eid? Well, the precise and short answer to that question is YES! 

Exchanging Eid gifts has been a longstanding tradition. We’ll explore popular Eid gift ideas you can give to that special person this season or perhaps give as a gift for your family. 

 Relaxing in Dubai

Meaningful Gifts to Pamper Her

What better way to make the beautiful lady in your life feel special this Eid al-Fitr than with a pampering gift she can indulge in? An experience gift allowing her to enjoy some much-deserved me-time is sure to delight.

A cultural experience like La Perle’s dazzling theatrics takes luxury to new heights. She’ll be captivated by witnessing world-class performers execute death-defying stunts and aquatic feats in the custom aqua theater. The 270-degree seating ensures prime views of the visually stunning showcase, fusing artistic imagination with UAE heritage.

Are you with a partner who has an open heart and loves to see things from a whole different perspective? You can surprise her by scaling new heights at a thrilling attraction like Sky Views Observatory

She’ll ride the panoramic elevator up over 550 feet to breathtaking views from the all-glass observation deck. The Sky Views opening also grants access to a transparent glass floor and heart-thumping activities on The Ledge.

For some of us, an elegant dinner always hits the soft spot in our hearts, and this is likely the same for her too. 

If that’s the case, you can secure a table for two at Blue Bar’s sophisticated brunch. She’ll wine and dine with panoramic Palm Island views amidst chic art-deco-inspired interiors. 

With free-flowing drinks accompanying each exquisite dish, it makes for a posh visit she won’t soon forget.


Sunrise Safari at Wonderdays

Lavish Gestures He’ll Appreciate

Gentlemen appreciate gifts just as much as ladies. Make him feel like a king by arranging a special experience or luxe overnight escape for Eid.

Well, you know him better than anyone else. Would you say he enjoys spending quality time together? Treat him to VIP access at Ski Dubai's wintry wonderland. He’ll gear up with professional equipment before hitting fresh, powdery slopes. 

An expert instructor leads the 90-minute session, coaching techniques as they carve down hills together. Afterward, you both warm up, sipping hot cocoa by the glowing fire pit.

For some men, they just want to relax. You could book a resort staycation for a day or two for both of you, so you guys can just relax and unwind. Spend the day immersed in leisurely activities like the spa, golf, water sports, or simply lounging at the beachside. At day’s end, cozy up in a private villa equipped with plush amenities and picturesque Gulf views at Anantara or Jebel Ali Hotel.

What would he say to an off-roading kayak tour? Paddle through Louvre Abu Dhabi’s scenic waters, racing him to the finish line. 

A guide educates on the museum’s breathtaking architecture, fascinating exhibitions, and the vibrant history surrounding its prized location. It's an adventurous experience unlike any other.

 Eid Celebrations from Dubai

Family-Friendly Activities for Quality Bonding

Now, we’ve been on about finding an Eid gift for your partner. What if what you want is a gift for the entire family to enjoy? You should give them a shared experience, allowing you all to reconnect and make memories together.

If you have little explorers, you could surprise them with a bus tour. Everybody loves riding double-decker buses! This flexible 24-hour sightseeing ticket grants easy access to Dubai’s top attractions. Marvel at architectural wonders, embrace cultural exchanges, and unlock a richer understanding of the dynamic metropolis.

Do you prefer active exploits? Gift the family a mangrove kayaking session through the Eastern Mangroves National Park’s tropical waterways. Paddling through seemingly endless shaded tunnels creates suspense for what’s around the next bend. The kids will delight in spotting crabs, fish, and vibrant snorkeling birds populating the waters.

Scheme a fun Emirati cooking class emphasizing traditional cuisine and age-old techniques. Give classic dishes like Machboos or Luqaimat a try as a family. Not only will you master new recipes, but you will also gain insight into customs carrying great historical significance.


Will Smith at top of Burj Khalifa

Romantic Ideas for Couples

Finding a thoughtful gift conveying affection makes a lasting impression. Arrange an intimate date night combining customized elements.

Surprise your special someone by reserving a premium hotel suite for you both. You get to spend some quality time cuddling on plush bedding, popping champagne, and admiring glittering skyscraper views through floor-to-ceiling windows. 

You can spice things up with some rose petals, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or a couples’ massage upon arrival.

Well, if that doesn’t tick all the boxes for you two, how about an indulgent culinary experience at a Michelin-star restaurant like Il Borro Tuscan Bistro? 

The intimate ambiance sets the mood for a cozy dinner, complete with ornate décor, garden-fresh fare, and a hand-picked selection of fine Italian wines for you both. 

Coordinate an evening under the stars filled with magic and mystery. From your private desert camp, stargaze while a personal chef prepares a gourmet barbecue dinner. Get into small talk beside the crackling bonfire before the camel rides into the moonlit dunes to cap off a picture-perfect excursion.


Family Staycations at Wonderdays

The Perfect Gift is One From the Heart

Hopefully, the ideas we’ve provided inspiration on how to celebrate Eid in style.

But when it comes down to it, a well-thought-out gift conveying thoughtfulness speaks louder than an overly extravagant one. 

Find something meaningful reflecting your unique relationship with the recipient. It’s sure to put smiles on faces and joy in hearts during cherished moments with your nearest and dearest.

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