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Gift Ideas and Experiences For The Entire Family in the UAE

Gift Ideas and Experiences For The Entire Family in the UAE

As the mom or perhaps the man of the house, have the entire family had a family experience together for a while now? I'm not talking about eating together in the dining or enjoying a barbecue outside the house together as a family. 

I'm talking about a family gift or family experience you all go enjoy outside your home. 

You see, shared moments like what family friendly experiences offer, big or small, make life truly special. 

So, instead of getting the kids toys or a gadget that will soon get old, why not give your family the gift of an incredible experience they'll remember for years to come here in the UAE? offers experience gift ideas for families that are perfect for bringing the whole crew together. 


Gift Ideas and Experiences For The Entire Family in the UAE

Why It's Important to Have a Family Experience

Family bonds are at the heart of a happy and fulfilling life. Shared experiences are the glue that strengthens these bonds. So, here is why you need to have some of these experiences often as one big family.

Building Stronger Relationships

When you embark on an adventure together, it creates a shared space for connection. 

It really doesn't matter if you all are laughing together at a waterpark, working as a team on an awesome adventure, or starring at amazing wildlife. You're communicating, collaborating, and simply having fun.  

These moments deepen your understanding of each other and create positive memories that last a lifetime.

Creating Lasting Memories

Tangible gifts fade, but memories of special experiences stay with us forever. Remember that family vacation where everything went hilariously wrong, or the time everyone got soaked on a theme park ride? These become cherished family stories you'll reminisce about for years to come, shaping your unique family identity.

Fostering Growth and Learning

New experiences push everyone a little outside their comfort zone. This builds confidence and resilience! It also sparks curiosity, whether you're learning about marine life at an aquarium or exploring historical landmarks. Family experiences offer opportunities for everyone to learn and grow together.

Stress Relief and Fun

Everyday schedules get hectic, and it's easy to get bogged down by responsibilities. Family experiences offer a much-needed escape from routine. They're a chance for everyone to blow off steam, laugh, and simply enjoy each other's company. This shared joy is a powerful stress buster!


The Best Experience Gift Ideas for Families in the UAE


Thrilling Desert Safari with Dune Bashing As Family

Thrilling Desert Safari with Dune Bashing As Family

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure the whole family will be talking about.  

Picture yourselves bouncing over sand dunes in a powerful 4x4, feeling those butterflies as you race up and down the desert slopes. 

Many desert safari packages on our website also include fun experiences like sandboarding, camel rides, and even a traditional Bedouin dinner under the stars. It's a taste of Arabian culture and a whole lot of thrilling fun.

Click here if you’de love to enjoy this experience as a family.


UAE's Water Park

A Relaxing Trip to UAE's Water Park

Nothing beats a day at the water park with the whole family just soaking up the sun and having some serious fun together. 

And you see here at, we offer tickets to some of UAE's best water parks like Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi. 

The young lads in the family get to glide down waterslides or just have some water battle in the splash zone. 

The thing is, everyone in the family will be so excited, and what you'll see is just smiles on all of their faces.   

Click here if you’de love to enjoy this experience as a family.


Meet Dolphins and Seals in a Show

If you've visited a park not too long ago, how about the entire family buy some tickets to visit Dubai's Dolphinarium? It will be a great experience to spend time with dolphins and enjoy the seal show. 

These playful creatures perform amazing tricks and stunts - it's absolutely adorable and a great way to learn about marine life. offers packages for the show, and sometimes even ones that include the chance to interact with these friendly animals!

Click here if you’de love to enjoy this experience as a family.


Dubai Frame

How About a Short Trip the Iconic Dubai Frame

Alright, how about a lovely family outing that combines amazing views with some fun history?  

You all could visit the Dubai Frame, a giant architectural landmark designed to look like a picture frame. Ascend to the top for panoramic views of Dubai, showcasing both the city's historic districts and its modern marvels. 

I'd say this is the perfect way to see the city and learn a bit about its transformation over the years.

Click here if you’de love to get tickets to visit Dubai Frame for your family.


Visit the Underwater World Aquarium As a Family 

Dive into a world of wonder with a visit to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo or the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi. 

Walk through glass tunnels with sharks swimming all around you, spot colorful coral reefs teeming with fish, and even meet playful penguins and sea otters. 

These experiences are perfect for igniting a sense of awe and curiosity about the amazing creatures that live in our oceans.

Click here if you’d love to get four entrance tickets for your family.


Gift Ideas and Experiences For The Entire Family in the UAE

Alright, I know you're probably thinking right now, which of these experiences to enjoy with your family? Hey, don't sweat it.

All you have to do is pick any of the experiences, and we guarantee you'll all have a lovely time together. 

You see, it's the laughter, the excitement, and the shared moments that make gift ideas and experiences like these truly priceless.

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