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Where Should I Take Her for Valentine's Day in the UAE?

Where Should I Take Her for Valentine's Day in the UAE?

Valentine's is a beautiful day filled with so much love that we always want to make those special to us feel our heartbeats for them. 

I mean Lover’s Day as we like to call it here in the UAE is always a date in the calendar we look forward to. 

And I know you’ll want to take your spouse or partner to somewhere truly amazing. 

Now, what if you don’t have to figure all that out on your own? 

Yes, I’ve taken the pain to curate the best places and experiences you can take her for Valentine’s Day come February 14th. 

But before we get into all of that, I’ve got a question or two for you. 

 Where Should I Take Her for Valentine's Day in the UAE?

What Does She Value Most?

You’ve been with her for a while now, and that puts you in a good position to know what ticks her clock. Think about what she loves doing, how she loves spending her free time to know where you could take her to that she’ll appreciate. 

For example, is she the kind of lady who enjoys a romantic dinner out or she is someone who’s always looking for the next adventure to explore?

Small details like these could help you figure out the best place to take her or experience to gift her with for Valentine's.  

If serenity tops her list, experiences like stargazing in the desert or couples’ spa treatments should be a pleasant surprise. 

I once had a date who loved learning about new cultures, so I figured I’d take her on a past-focused Dubai heritage tour. I knew what we’d love because I figured out her likes.  

You’ve got to figure that out too. 


Where to Take Her for Valentine's Day in the UAE

Alright, these are some of the great places and experiences you could take her for Valentine’s Day.  


Take Her on a Romantic Desert Escape

Want to gift her a magical night of stargazing just the two of you? 

Reserve a private chalet in the desert, far from the city lights. Cuddle up on plush pillows watching the sunset paint the crescent dunes fiery red and purple hues. 

As darkness falls, the clear skies unveil billions of glittering stars set dramatically against inky blackness.

You’ll feel so blissfully isolated and insignificant beneath the Milky Way’s celestial show. 

When the moment feels right, steal a kiss, you have the starry expanse all to yourselves! Make it an evening she’ll reminisce over for years.

Click here if you’d love to take her on a romantic desert escape. 


Saffron Dinner Buffet at Atlantis the Palm

If you both enjoy elegant dinners, Saffron’s extravagant international dinner buffets at Atlantis The Palm promise culinary adventures with a wow factor.

With live cooking stations dishing up everything from fresh seafood to Chinese dim sum to Indian curries, you could take a world tour of flavors without ever leaving your table. 

She’ll be wide-eyed with the diverse options, I’m referring to 225 dishes to be exact.

Focus on sampling little bites of whatever intrigues you, from aromatic Malaysian laksa to melt-in-your-mouth Argentine empanadas. 

With soft lighting and luxurious surroundings, this is one of the best places to take her to for an unforgettable Valentine.

Click here if you’d love to take her on a dinner buffet.


Give her a Dubai Marina Sunset Yacht Tour with Live BBQ

Combine romance with Dubai’s epic city views on a sunset yacht cruise for two along its iconic Marina coastline. 

As your sleek boat skims across the calm waters, you’ll toast flutes of bubbly while admiring the glittering architecture. 

When the golden sun dips behind the undulating skyscrapers, that’s your cue to cuddle closer.

The on-board chef will then fire up a gourmet barbecue dinner just for you both as twilight falls. 

Reflecting on the magic aboard your private luxury yacht, you’ll create memories guaranteed to give her butterflies when she reminisces.

Click here if you’d love suprise her with to a Sunset Yacht Tour. 


One Night Stay at Radisson Blu with Ferrari World Tickets 

Couples who play together, stay together! Surprise your favorite adrenaline junkie with a package that blends world-class rides at Ferrari World and luxe hotel relaxation. 

Race head-to-head on rollercoasters until the wind tousles your hair. Scream together on heart-pounding vertical drops then laugh about it later over pasta.

After an exhilarating day at the park, unwind poolside at your stylish hotel before hitting a lively Dubai nightspot. 

Then cap off your staycation escape by sleeping in and ordering room service breakfast - a perfect combo of adventure and indulgence!

Click here if you’d love suprise her with this lovely staycation.


Take Her on a Romantic Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

For an iconic Dubai experience she’ll never forget, surprise your lady with a magical sunrise hot air balloon flight. 

As your massive colorful balloon floats soundlessly over the sprawling desert, you’ll watch in awe as the golden dunes glow in the growing light. 

Seeing majestic Arabian wildlife awakening below through glass viewing windows adds to the wonder.

Glide peacefully together over the landscape hand-in-hand, then toast your soaring success with a champagne breakfast back on solid ground.

From childlike delight to quality time admiring nature’s majesty, this romantic ride promises joy, adrenaline, and romance she’ll cherish.

Click here if you’d love suprise her to a hot air balloon ride. 


The Bottom Line 

More than the activity you choose, it’s thoughtfully crafting an experience showing how much she means to you that matters most. 

I’d say Valentine's is the perfect excuse to get creative pampering your partner from dusk till dawn. 

Remind her that she’s your favorite person to laugh, explore and simply be with - that’s the ultimate gift straight from the heart.

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