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Where Can I Have Fun with Dolphins in Dubai?

Where Can I Have Fun with Dolphins in Dubai?

I’m sure no one needs to sell it to you that dolphins are some of the cutest aquatic mammals you might come across anywhere in the world. 

And that’s why we could drive some kilometers to go see these beauties with our kids. 

But one of the setbacks is that you can’t just find them anywhere. That leaves us with the question: where can you have fun with dolphins in Dubai?

I’ll answer this as we go on and even point you to some lovely dolphin activities you can indulge your family in here in Dubai

So, Where Can I See Dolphins in Dubai?

Alright, let me quickly answer that question. There are two main options you can get to see dolphins with your family here in Dubai.


The renowned Dubai Dolphinarium

This place is home to spectacular amusement park shows, dolphin and seal swim encounters in a massive pool, and dolphin therapy programs. 

 Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark At Wonderdays

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Select pools allow you to swim alongside dolphins living at the connected Atlantis Dolphin Bay. A family-friendly opportunity for mini-meetings!

Now, I have something even way more fun. How about I show you some memorable dolphin experiences or activities you can enjoy with your family?

Sound’s cool I know.  

All you just have to do is get a ticket for yourself if you’d like to visit alone or with your family on Wonderdays to explore any of these Dolphin experiences. 

 Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium at Wonderdays

Be Wowed at a Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Want the easiest way to see dolphins and seals show off their natural talents? 

You could get a ticket for the Dubai Dolphinarium's educational and wildly entertaining 25-minute stage show. 

You'll watch in delight as these highly intelligent sea creatures leap, spin, hula hoop, and even "make some dance moves" under trainer instruction in an unforgettable performance.

I know that sounded unreal, but they do have a move or two. 

These Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins never cease to impress as they put their agility on full display. 

Their curious and friendly nature shines through with kisses and waves shared with guests. 

Meanwhile, you’ll also get to watch playful seals bring comedy balancing colorful balls on their noses and clapping flippers at audience applause. 

Click here if you’d love to get a ticket for this experience here in Dubai. 

 One Night Hotel Stay in Dubai with Dolphinarium

One Night Hotel Stay in Dubai with Dolphinarium Tickets for You and Your Partner 

I’d say if you want the most awesome Dubai dolphin experience, you should treat yourself and your partner to a cozy hotel stay with what I’d call a behind-the-scenes dolphin experience. 

Think about it, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a tasty breakfast, and then head to the Dolphinarium for a full day of fun activities?

Catch the entertaining stage show then marvel at acrobatics up close during a Royal or Expedition Swim. 

For the true VIP treatment, you could indulge in a private dive-in pool session.

Click here if this sounds like something you’d love to experience.

 Bond With Birds at Creek Park's Exotic Shows at Wonderdays

Bond With Birds at Creek Park's Exotic Shows

Are dolphins not enough? 

Well, you could even take your experience a step further if you decide to combine your Dolphinarium visit with a quick side trip to Creek Park's free Exotic Bird Show.

This 25-minute avian spectacle stars over 100 talented feathered friends. 

Swoop in to catch macaws riding bikes, parrots pulling rickshaws, and even ostriches stealing the spotlight in an entertaining showcase of training and trust.

When rare raptors like falcons spread their wings or chatty cockatoos come to say hello, you'll gain a deeper respect for these birds' intelligence too. 

And don't miss talking to the friendly handlers afterward to learn cool bird facts up close. With exotic species from around the globe, it's a bright colorful complement to any Dubai dolphin experience. 

Click here if this sounds like something you’d love to experience.

 Dolphin Encounter at Dolphin Bay at Wonderdays

Dolphin Encounter at Dolphin Bay 

Want an even more hands-on dolphin experience? On select days, the public can book 30-minute shallow water interaction sessions at Dolphin Bay. 

Wading waist-deep, you'll get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to touch, feed, hug, and swim alongside the friendly dolphins under staff supervision. 

Feel their smooth skin glide by and watch them showboat with jumps and twirls up close as you make unforgettable connections.

For an extended private session, the Royal Swim offers 60 minutes of aquatic fun just for your family or group. 

With so much time, bonds with the dolphins form as you give belly rubs and shake flippers hello. 

 Dolphin Encounter at Dolphin Bay at Wonderdays

So, What do you think? 

Whether checking out their unbelievable talents in an amusement show or looking into their eyes up close in the pool, marine mammals like dolphins never fail to amaze. 

Now that you know the top places in Dubai to safely interact with these beautiful creatures both above and below the waterline, every visit promises an uplifting experience for all ages. 

Nothing quite compares to bonding with the Dolphinarium or Aquaventure inhabitants - they simply have a way of touching your heart in unforgettable ways.

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